ENA Board Meeting

July 12, 2023, 7:00 PM

Swantown Inn 1431 11th Avenue SE

Present: Sherry Chilcutt (President/Treasurer), Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Clemens (CNA Representative), Abigail Twombly, Jim Rioux, Nathan Allen

Guests: Catherine Dawdy, Casey Allen


1)  Fireworks

Sherry welcomed Catherine and asked what we can do? Catherine described being confronted by drunk belligerent people when she asked them to stop setting off fireworks near her house. Jim R. described an incident in which he was threatened in his own backyard, called 911 and got a poor response. He would like to know in writing the process for prioritizing emergency calls. It was suggested we contact Rebekah Ziesemer at OPD with a list of the locations which usually have the worst violations and request drive-by patrols, possibly before New Years’ eve. Some suggestions:

  • Lions Park
  • New Bridge Church parking lot
  • Sawyer Street near 9th Ave.
  • Town Tavern (or was it the Boulevard Tavern?)

Action items:

  • Reach out to neighborhood residents and ask about their experiences.
  • Contact Lisa Parshley to ask if Council members received complaints and their attitude toward the fireworks ban.
  • Contact Olympia Fire Department Interim Chief Todd Carson to ask about OFD’s experiences with fireworks-related calls and related costs.
  • Ask someone from the 911 call center how they prioritize calls and what to expect when we call in complaints. Wendy Hill is the Thurston County 911 Coordinator; Phone: (360) 704-2732
    [email protected]

2) Approval of the minutes

The June minutes were approved as submitted.

3) Treasurer Report

Checking $571.57

Savings $964.10

Neighborhood Signs $1307.95

Trees $153.60

Neighborhood Beautification $410.44

Total $3,407.66

4) Block Party Success!

In total about 150 to 200 people attended one of the four block parties this year.

Individual estimates were:

  • Lybarger = 25
  • 5th Ave = 35 to 40
  • Lions Park = 50
  • McCormick &13th ?

Some individual Board members’ personal expenditures were substantial. It was suggested next year we put out voluntary donation baskets.

5) August Picnic planning

The Board discussed dates for the annual picnic and a fall harvest festival. The annual picnic is scheduled for August 12. A harvest festival would be held later, depending on availability of Board members and apples.

Note: Jim S. and Karen will discuss separately and bring a proposal to the Board for discussion at our August 9 meeting.

Sherry will look for a musical performer.

Nathan will reach out to Michael at Big Toms about a donation.

Roger will bring hamburgers and hot dogs left from the Block Party on 5th Avenue.

6) RNA Grant purchasing progress

Jim R. talked about using our new grill for the first time at the Lions Park block party. Sherry reported she has purchased an ice cream maker. Jim S. asked for clarification on the funds for a cider press and fruit crusher. The grant includes $469 for a cider press and $27 for a fruit grinder, with the ENA contributing $272 cash ($299 total cost).

7) CNA Report

The CNA met in person July 10 at Squaxin Park for the first time since the pandemic. Approximately 25 to 30 attended, including some new RNA representatives.

A teacher from Evergreen talked about neighborhood-level GIS data. Each neighborhood has a “digital thumbprint” including details from the census, and includes things like potholes and missing sidewalks.

An “extra” unbudgeted $6 million is available for things like fire equipment, sidewalks, election costs, homeless coordination, a federal lobbyist, and City-owned ambulance service.

Tim Smith reviewed projects; about 1500 new residential units are under review.

The new MOU has been approved.

The first “Quarterly Forum” is scheduled to happen later this fall; the topic will be sidewalks.

Clark Gilman talked about how positive the community has been about the Armory project.

The City has released a Community engagement & public opinion survey.

The CNA loved the idea of our donut crawl.

8) Possible music focused event at Swantown Inn

Nathan is planning a live music event with Bradford Loomis, possibly on August 30.

9) New Bridge church

The Board agreed to promote events at New Bridge through the ENA website.

10) Website changes

Jim and Abigail described a July 11 meeting of the communications subcommittee with Dan Rydholm, and some ideas for updating the ENA website. One idea is to devote a monthly Board meeting to a “visioning” process to determine our mission and purpose and what we want to accomplish. The website design and other communications strategies would come out of this process.

11) Other topics

  • Roger described his progress organizing the Talent Show. He wants to have ten performers.
  • Sherry will do postings for the July 29 Donut Crawl.
  • Roger will reach out to Parks & Rec about the Sprayground opening.