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June board meeting

Thursday, June 21 @ 7pm Conference room at New Bridge Church (Old Madison School) Proposed agenda: * Sign update and discussion of next actions * Picnic update * Walkability project update * Pea-patch update

May general meeting minutes

Following are notes taken by Elaine Nelson, board member, at the May 10 2007 general meeting. About 20 people were in attendance, including board members. Board president Chad Akins opened the meeting, welcomed all.  Also suggested that perhaps at the next general meeting (November) we might have a brief open mic period.  Feedback on this… Read more »

May General Meeting

All are welcome! Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 7pm The Light and Life Bible Fellowship Building at the corner of 7th and Fairview Waste Reduction Presentation A City of Olympia Public Works representative will give a presentation about the Cityʼs waste reduction plans, zero-waste initiative and other solid waste programs. Neighborhood Sign Project The ENA… Read more »

March minutes (ad-hoc)

Present: Chad, Elaine, Mark, Jessie, Casey, Nathan, Ann Absent: Jody, Luke, Carol Guests from New Bridge: [?], David, Don Notes taken by Elaine in Carol’s absence Chad passed information about CERT, shared a thank you card that came in the mail, and the new community rebate cards. Storman’s may be making a keychain-sized card. Introductions:… Read more »

March Board Meeting

A. Welcome, Intros, Review February minutes B. Activity updates 1. Signs 2. Safe routes project *postponed* 3. Newsletter 4. Dues payment online 5. CafePress (selling t-shirts, etc.) 6. Treasurer’s report C. Main topic: planning for 2007 D. Proposed topics for May general meeting