Central St Traffic Calming Survey

A request by Central Street neighbors for traffic calming devices is now on the city’s schedule for 2010! Olympia Public Works is collecting survey responses to help decide what kinds of devices might be installed. Download the Central Street traffic calming survey (PDF) and get your responses in by Friday, February 26. Residents of Central from Legion to 11th will be receiving a print copy of the survey complete with stamped envelope. Get your input in right away!

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  1. JSteen

    There’s no need to start from scratch. There’s been a variety of recent government studies conducted on traffic calming measures – some work, some don’t. For a variety of reasons, cities across the country are ripping out speedbumps and replacing them with less intrusive, more effective measures. Turns out radar speedcheck signs – those displays that tell passing drivers their actual speed – are highly effective at slowing cars AND they don’t increase traffic noise, divert traffic to other streets or ruin your car’s suspension. Let’s do the research before spending tax payer money on “solutions” we later regret. There is a comprehensive collection of links to government traffic calming studies at http://www.speedcheck.com. Also, a nice review of various traffic calming measures at http://www.stopspeeders.org. Let’s review the research first.


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