Great potluck & discussions

[note to self: what’s one thing that *I* can do?]

Parks update from Nathan.

Board elections:
Terms up: Nathan & Sam up for re-election, Jessie, Ann, Tim, stepping down plus one vacancy
Don LeMaster, Ruth Middlebrook, Kerry Smith from FUMC, Yvonne Fish
Moved, seconded, approved.

Discussion of proposal to change number of required board members. Determined it was not necessary to change now.

Discussion of next potluck event, will be March 18. Looking for people to host yard signs.

Bonnie: school district is doing projections about staffing level, could be within several years that there won’t be enough teachers to keep the school open. Is the neighborhood interested in participating in creating an argument from our point of view? NOT A LETTER-WRITING CAMPAIGN. Looking for a small group to discuss more/brainstorming? Jenni asked about timeframe: April? May be a topic at next potluck.

[nametags. sign-in sheets.]