Eastside Active Lifestyle Club

The kick-off event on June 3 will include several presentations, information booths, and workshops on bicycle maintenance, safety and health issues, and the like.

Those in attendance will get a copy of the Eastside Neighborhood Active Lifestyle Club bicycle route and walking tour booklet, a pedometer, and a Cliff energy bar.

The Eastside Neighborhood Active Lifestyle Club seeks to involve all who have an interest in biking or walking, including those who may not currently do so.

We will be sponsoring eight Saturdays of walking or bike riding this summer. Check our site for more information soon!

2 Responses to “Eastside Active Lifestyle Club”

  1. chad akins


    Terry, give me an email/call- let’s chat and plan more rides-

    E & I had fun leading the one on Sat., and we have lots of tips for next time-




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