Upcoming changes at Bread & Roses

Jody Suhrbier, the association president, recently sent this email to her list of regular contacts:

This evening, I received a phone call from Selena Kilmoyer, administrator at Bread & Roses, who operates the shelter on 8th Ave. Some temporary changes are coming to this location, and I suspect some of you will want to know about them.

Bread & Roses also operates a men’s shelter on Devoe St., which is being replaced by a larger facility. It was originally thought that the men in this shelter could stay in the old unit while the new one was being built. They have recently found out that this will not be possible. Selena met with members of the Transitional Housing Authority to identify the best solution to the situation last week, and together they decided the

-the women currently housed at the 8th Ave. women’s shelter (duplex) will be
moved into apartments ASAP.

-8 men will be moved from Devoe street to the 8th Ave. shelter as soon as
next week.

Selena assures me that the 8 men will be screened to be the safest men of the group, though we didn’t get into detail about this.

These changes are temporary and expected to last until December of 2006.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know, and I can compile them and speak again with Selena in a few days.

See the contact page for Jody’s email address and phone number.  You can also discuss this topic on the ENA forum.

3 Responses to “Upcoming changes at Bread & Roses”

  1. Michele Zodrow

    Dear Eastside Neighbors,

    In Jody’s recent response to the Bread and Roses change she states that Bread and Roses provides a valuable service in our community. While I totally agree with Jody, I don’t think that the fact that they provide services to the homeless should excuse them from being good neighbors to the people who live around them.

    Given that 4 years ago they were busing men to sleep in their garage with no one knowing it and that they have gone ahead with their plans to move men into the transitional housing, without informing the neighbors, I do not feel comfortable with a “sit back and see” attitude. I am therefore going to contact the B&R board to begin a dialogue with them about this change.

    If anyone else is interested in talking with their board please contact me at 357-9595.

    Michele Zodrow

  2. Denise halloran

    I agree with you and have written a letter to the ENA board. I am trying to figure out how to post it on the website. I emailed Jody tonight and asked her if she would do it for me. I have also contacted the city council.


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