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Special thanks to our advertisers: Compass Rose, Swantown Inn, and Dallen Bounds (flooring installer). Please support these great businesses!

Volunteering Opportunities in Our Neighborhood (update): We have one volunteer who is interested in organizing Garden Walks. She’s looking for two or three additional volunteers to assist. Contact us to get in touch and help!

Treasurer’s Report, Jenni Fleming
As of September 24, the ENA Checking Account had $818.24 due to recent advertising and membership support and our Regular Savings had $1553.78. The Neighborhood Signs fund, which is set aside for maintenance or replacement of the metal entrance signs, had $1286.44.

Out of 1100 households, 75 are currently paid members. We want to get to 110 paid households (10% of the neighborhood!) by the end of 2009. Send in your dues form today!

Loan a tool, borrow a tool: coming soon
A small group of interested neighbors got together recently and talked how people in this neighborhood can support each other, and lend a hand or a tool, if needed or asked for. Our task and ongoing goal is to create an arena wherein people who may not otherwise know each other will feel comfortable with the prospect of sharing their belongings and engage confidently in doing so.

Access to the Tool Share database and a contact Liaison will be available soon to dues-paying members of the ENA. (Only $10.00 Annually!) Our website will contain regularly updated lists of items available for lending as well as items wanted.
A Liaison will put the Lender and Borrower in contact with each other, facilitating their meeting. This way no personal information will be available online. After the initial contact with the Liaison, the exchange will be between the individuals. Borrower and/or Lender will download and print out the appropriate ‘cards’ containing the agreement between the individuals concerning return timeframes and contact methods, as well as a statement of personal liability and waiver for the ENA.

The ENA Liaison will be available should any issues arise, to provide assistance and guidance. It is our intent to expand and broaden this program as involvement grows, to fit our group’s needs. We may eventually branch out to include items that aren’t tools in the common sense, such as a sewing machine or large coffee pot set. Many of us have items like this, which we use rarely and that others can’t justify purchasing, but could be quite useful. And why purchase more items if your neighbor would happily lend you theirs?

Once the program is off the ground, and there is more input to respond to, concerns will be addressed as they arise. Our current intent is to increase the ability for people to accomplish tasks around their homes by combining our resources. To get involved please check the box about Tool Sharing when you send in your dues. Watch for information about how to sign up, coming soon.

Meet Your Neighbor: Jessica Combe, interviewed by Jessica Archer
I met with Jennifer Combe, an artist in the neighborhood, at her house on Central Street. Her house is brightly colored and full of light, beautifully decorated with a sunny porch outback and plum trees in the yard. She has an amazing art studio with skylights that filter sunshine onto her paintings. Jennifer invited me in despite having a big work deadline and gave me a big bag of plums and a tour of her art studio. She has lived in the neighborhood for 4 years and currently lives with an Evergreen student who is about to graduate.

Why did you move to the Eastside Neighborhood?
I wanted to buy a house before Bush was reelected for a second term – before interest rates went up. I bought the house from Sequoia Miller and Ariel Goldmeyer (sp?) – they had this art studio, but moved to another house where the art studio is twice the size of the house.

Wow you’re an artist! What type of art do you do?
I paint in oil. I just finished a low-residency Masters in Fine Arts from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. I also teach art at Tumwater High School.

What do you like about the neighborhood?
I like that it’s socioeconomically diverse and close to downtown.

What would you like to see change – what should the ENA work on?
I really dislike the noise from I-5. It seems like when they cut down some of the buffer trees, it got a lot louder.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?
I like hiking, skiing, and cooking (this one was obvious from her beautiful kitchen).

Anything else about yourself that you’d like people to know?
I don’t like to talk when I get home from work (those of you who work in a school setting will understand this one!).

Where can folks see your art work?
View the art at You can also check it out now at the Waterstreet Cafe now (by the lake) and at Batdorf and Bronson in December. She’s doing a show at the Portilis Winebar in Ballard in August 2010.