• Board Members Present:  Nathan Allan,   Brian Brannies,  Sandia Slaby,  , Katy Beattie
  • Board Members Absent: Kara Randall, Whitney Bowerman, Mitch Dennis, Sheena Pietzold, Sherry Cillicut

February Annual Meeting

Time: Wednesday 18th, 6:30pm

Location: New Bridge? Brian will look into location, asking the churches for use of their location

Agenda for Annual Meeting:

  • Food Project will be on the agenda
  • Pest control; guest speaker to educate?
  • Bread and Roses; information on new format?
  • ENA vs. NextDoor
  • Change the Bylaws for the Board
  • Dog Poop Bag Stations
  • City of Olympia Matching Grant Program
  • Elections will take place; Board members, Vice President, Secretary

Become a Board Member!

Your voice is your power to affect change in your community. Please join the board and help us accomplish items that are good for our neighborhood! We accomplish, at least, one big project a year. We appreciate a wide representation of our neighborhood being represented on the board so that the many voices, from many areas of our vast neighborhood are heard. For more info on joining the board check this informational page.

Dog Bag Stations

One more has been installed and there is only one to go. One has been requested up towards Lyons Park, but there is one in the park already.

City of Olympia Matching Grant Program

Brian has located two areas that he will pursue a matching grant for. We will also look into obtaining the matching grant for our Annual Summer Picnic.

CNA Meetings

Nathan can no longer attend on Mondays, so we need another member to attend so that we can maintain a presence. Brian can go. We would like to have another member who is able to back Brian up with this, in case he can’t attend.

Annual Calendar:

  • Nathan to create calendar of meetings and events for the 2015 year
  • Flag football event on Thanksgiving morning – Katy and Andrew will set up the day of @ 6:30-8