October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

747 Boulevard Rd SE  7pm – 9pm
Monthly Board Meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board members in attendance: Brian Brannies, Jim Sweeney, Nathan Allan, Sherry Cillicut, Rita Sammons, Sheena Pietzold
Others:  Roger Horn

Treasurer’s Report from Sherry Cillicut

  • Checking $411.29
  • Savings $1061.60
  • Neighborhood Signs $1298.73
  • Legion Way Trees $151.69
  • Community Beautification $506.26


CNA Updates emailed from Sam Green

CNA 9-12-16

Code Enforcement
Mike Dexel spoke about his process of addressing problems in the City’s code, regarding nuisance homes. Several years ago, he brought the issue of a neighboring home that was causing a nuisance to the CNA. This led to him working with representatives from other neighborhood associations and then mayor Doug Mah to create a subcommittee of the CNA. This committee existed from 2009-2012 and focused on 1)identifying concerns from residents 2)making an improvement plan for city code enforcement and 3)proposing a repeat violator ordinance. City attorneys drafted the repeat violator ordinance and the city council passed it. The city also put resources into creating a system where people could track a code violation after they had filed a report. The system did not get off of the ground but the city mentioned being able to use a similar system that is going online soon (early 2017). After discussing this backstory, we discussed the City’s current process and philosophy of code enforcement. They currently send friendly reminders first asking for the nuisance to be abated or the violation remedied, then they move on to punitive fees, and eventually they can pursue some legal action. The city is also now weary of enforcing the repeat violator ordinance (Olympia Municipal Code 8.24, searchable here) because the 9th circuit court says it does not hold up as constitutional. We also discussed problems of graffiti and some neighborhoods have mentioned forming graffiti abatement teams. The CNA then formally voted to create a new subcommittee to 1) look at problems with and ways to improve the repeat violator ordinance 2)improve the feedback loop regarding code violations from the city and 3)possibly revisit the action plan for code enforcement improvement. I spoke with the chair of the subcommittee and we can elect someone to join the committee on behalf of ENA.

Land Use
The city gave a presentation on the several major laws that have come to govern Land Use regulations in the state of Washington. The presentation was actually really fascinating but not something I can do justice with via my scribbled notebook notes. I can track down my handouts if anyone is interested. Then Michael Johnston from the cooper crest neighborhood told about his neighbors process of dealing with land use review. In the fall of 2015, a developer put in an application to rezone a 5 acre parcel next to the cooper crest neighborhood. I believe he said it was to rezone from R-5 to higher density residential. Resident’s chief concern was that there weren’t any roads that would access any new development other than the small roads winding through cooper crest. The application went through the usual process and residents focused on bringing up concerns during the hearing that takes place in the rezone process. I don’t believe the project was entirely halted but I think the hearing wrote in stipulations that addressed the traffic connection (this last sentence is from memory so no quoting me).


CNA 10-10-16

Bike Corridor Follow-up
The final segment of the corridor (near three magnets brewing) should be completed in late fall or winter. The city has tried to get feedback from residents and has so far received 190 comments. Of those comments, about 90% are positive. The negative comments were that there was no more need for bicycle infrastructure, that the corridors had too many cars, and that the corridors were not direct enough routes. Based on the positive reviews, the city is considering the corridor test a success and will look at adding more across the city as they function best as part of a larger network.

The process began in 2013 with members of 5 neighborhoods on the NE side of Oly forming a group to begin sub-area planning. They based their planning on the models used in Eugene and Vancouver. They spoke with the City and got approval to move forward as a recognized group. The city also put resources into doing a neighborhood profile that included demographic data (available as a pdf here). Using the models mentioned earlier, the group made sure that their subarea plan reflected the values and goals of the greater oly comprehensive plan. They broke their report, and their work, into identifying goals, objectives, and actions. To identify these qualities, they supplemented the neighborhood profile with a direct mailed survey to 3,000 area residents. They received 219 responses and made their plan, accordingly. Like I mentioned above, they are down to help us if we want to put the work in. Mike Dexel thought it made sense for us to go next and the city seems supportive.

Code Enforcement
A brief report back from the subcommittee stated that they had their first meeting on October 4th. They said they are currently working to 1)identify the problems with the current nuisance ordinance, 2) review the work of 2011-2013 to see what has and has not been effective, and 3) look into whether serious drug houses can constitute a criminal rather than ordinance-based issue. They are hoping to only exist as a committee for 2-6 months and we can still send someone if we want.


Sub area planning info from Jim Sweeney

Jim looked into what a sub-area planning process would involve. The City would want a designated planning committee to formally communicate with. They also would want the process to involve strong community outreach including area businesses, nearby neighborhoods, regional planning organizations, and other potential stakeholders. The NE Oly group met approximately monthly which is part of why it took as long as it did to get a final product. Future efforts may want to meet twice a month to keep momentum. The board discussed wanting something more specific than what came out of the NE Oly sub-area plan in hoping that the plan will lead to action in the future. Ideally, a sub-area planning committee would be a sub-committee of the ENA board. Board will reach out to neighbors at general meeting for interest in participating.

The board voted in favor of Jim drafting a formal letter to notify the City the ENA is interested in being the next neighborhood to make a sub-area plan.


Traffic calming device improvements/community beautification from Brian

Brian will select dates (probably 2 weekends)and  make a post on Nextdoor to ask for volunteers. The group will need to reach out to the neighbors living in front of or near the areas to be improved. Volunteers will need to wear safety vests and we will need to put up safety cones while doing the work (Brian will cover these small costs). The board discussed donating funds to the neighbor that keeps up the traffic circle at 7th and Sawyer.

Potential ideas for the next round of neighborhood grants:

  • Community reader board
  • Little lending libraries
  • Community pantries


Crime and Safety update from Roger

Neighborhood block parties – there was a lot of good turnout for the four block parties held across the neighborhood, and a lot of good feedback from the neighbors. The board discussed support for doing them again, potentially more frequently and in more areas of the neighborhood.

The next Eastside Crime and Safety Committee (ECSC) meeting will be on Nov. 3rd. Brian will attend as an ENA liaison. At the previous ECSC meeting, the group discussed how to expedite changes to the nuisance laws. The committee felt they were able to help keep the City’s attention and focus for code enforcement in the neighborhood to improve conditions for those near Central St. Improvements have been made, but committee still sees the need to keep pushing the City for changes.

Ideas for community engagement discussed:

  • Neighborhood walk in December
  • Neighbors paint windows – holiday theme
  • Garden tours


Other Items

Madison Elementary liaison – Mr. DSK (principle) liked the idea, board will discuss further at a future meeting

Emergency Preparedness – with the latest near miss “storm of the century,” ENA might want to organize some neighborhood emergency preparedness events, information, etc. Will discuss further at future meeting.

December 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, December 16th, 2015, 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Members in Attendance: Nathan Allan, Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold, Rita Sammons, Sherry Cillicut, Susan Herring


  • Dog waste bag stations update
    • Supplying bags will cost the ENA around $500 a year. This is not sustainable unless we have more dues-paying members. We have had a lull in members paying dues, so Nathan made laminated signs to attach to the dog waste bag stations to solicit members to pay dues.
  • Newsletter
    • We’ve had numerous comments regarding how long it has been since the ENA has put together a newsletter. One option is to do a postcard advertising our upcoming general meeting and perhaps things we have accomplished over the past year.
    • Brian will send the address spreadsheet we have to the group so we can check the addresses by foot. Each board member will claim an area of the neighborhood to walk and double check to see if actual houses match the street addresses in the spreadsheet. Hopefully this effort will increase the accuracy of the addresses and reduce mailing cost waste.
  • Matching grant update
    • Brian has a meeting set up with the City on Friday, December 18th to sign paperwork for the matching grant to improve traffic calming devices (round-abouts and bump-outs) throughout the neighborhood. The City will be paying for general liability insurance to protect the neighborhood association in the event of a lawsuit. All volunteers will need to sign an agreement with the City to protect the ENA. The City is allowing us to carry the funds over until the end of 2016.
  • General meeting
    • We’d like to try to have the general meeting January 27th. Topics could include Olympia School District Superintendent speaking about the proposed school levy (special election vote scheduled for February 9th), Thurston Transportation Oriented Development (TTOD) presentation, soliciting for volunteers to improve traffic calming devices for the matching grant, soliciting for new board members, and electing new board of directors.
  • Treasurers Report
    • $169.26 in Checking
    • $1360.83 in Savings
    • $1297.87 in Neighborhood Signs fund
    • $151.49 in Legion Way Trees fund
    • $505.76 in Community Beautification fund


Minutes submitted by Sheena Pietzold, Joint ENA Secretary

April 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, April 15th, 2014, 6:30PM – 7:30PM (this is a packed agenda and may run over)
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.


  • Approval of March Minutes
  • Decision on who is going to be Secretary, or if it will be handled jointly.
  • ENA Generic Business Cards
    • Distribute to Board Members
  • Dog waste stations update
    • Call for volunteers to help on last installation.
  • Neighborhood Match Grant Update
    • RNA (Recogonized Neighborhood Association) updated with City of Olympia by Sherry.
    • Decisions made in May.
    • Take out bounce house as it increases insurance from $101 to $400+?
  • ENA Sign Cleaning
    • Nathan has personally purchased an extension pole for his own use and offers this for cleaning our signs.  Hence we just need cleaning product. “Simple Green” is Nathan’s suggestion. Any better ideas?
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • More signage? Serve dual purpose with Annual Picnic promotion and general meetings.
    • 10 more signs and 15 more stands (as they break) = $182.57
  • CNA – Report from attending CNA meetings.
  • Federal and State Procedures on Highway Noise Abatement
  • Proposal for another security minded ENA General Meeting brought forward by Anna Schlecht
  • Bike Boulevard in Eastiside – Sophie Stimson, Senior Planner, Public Works Transportation
  • Olympia village convergence building – Pat Russmussen
  • Treasurers Report
    • Renewing Long Term CD
  • New business.

Please note you do not need to be a board member to attend. We start promptly at 6:30pm.

March 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, March 18th, 2014, 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.
Board Members In Attendance: Nathan Allan, Susan Herring,  Melissa Bluestein, Rita Sammons, Ira Silberlicht, Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold, Sherry Cillicut
Board Members Absent:  Ted Braid (had volunteered at Annual meeting but did not show up), Mitch Dennis (we are confirming if he is continuing on as a board member)
Neighbors in Attendance: Roger Horn, Rhonda Davis, Josh Davis


  • Welcome new board members
    • Susan Herring, Melissa Bluestein, Rita Sammons, Ira Silberlicht
  • Election of Officers
    • Slate of Officers voted on and passed unanimously.
    • President – Nathan Allan
    • Vice-President – Brian Brannies
    • Treasurer – Sherry Cillicut
    • The position of Secretary was discussed and Sheena and Melissa may end up sharing the duties.  This will be confirmed at the next meeting after they have had a chance to discuss.
  • Adoption of updated By-Laws as discussed at the Annual Meeting.
  • ENA Generic Business Cards
    • Nathan proposed business cards for the ENA with a cost of $20.47 for 500 cards.
    • Susan made a motion to approve 500 business cards at a cost of $20.47, Sherry seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.
  • Dog waste stations update
    • Call for volunteers to help on last installation.
    • Ira is hosting one of the last two to be put in. Nathan is going to work with him to make his happen on 7th and Edison.
    • The other has 811 approval and will also be organized by Nathan, with help from the home owner.
  • Traffic Circle Beautification
    • Neighborhood Match Grant applied for (by Brian Brannies on behalf of ENA)
    • $1500 in donated labor and materials
    • $500 has been asked for in the match
  • Annual Summer Picnic Update
    • Neighborhood Match Grant applied for (by Nathan Allan on behalf of ENA)
    • Shelter reserved through Parks Department (we require insurance to cover this)
      • We have a day insurance quote of $201 but Scott at Parks says there is a cheaper option for this. He is yet to fill us in on what this is.
    • $7954 in donated labor, materials, food.
    • $1480 has been asked for in matching grant funds.
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • Rhonda from New Bridge wants to have their Rummage Sale coincide with the Annual Garage Sale. The Rummage sale will have proceeds go to City Gate and their communbity outreach programs.
  • CNA – Report from attending CNA meetings.
    • Report from Tim Minarachi, who is representing the ENA until a board member can attend.
    • There was talk about not fixing sidewalks, complaints about the Okympian’s involuntary insert delivery, other petty concerns. I have one bit of info I will forward later on from a woman who wanted to give a presentation to the ENA of a park or planting program she’s involved with, I just need to retrieve the paper with her info on it. The most interesting thing is subarea planning. Subarea A is the experiment, that’s the associations in the northeast area. They’re going to be working on it for a while longer before it goes online, but you should be advised we are subarea B- which leads me to believe we’re next. Subarea B is simply the current territory of the ENA with the addition of the corridor between Eastside and Plum. All we would have to collaborate with the DNA over would be the area between Eastside and Plum, and we’ve been doing that the last couple of years anyhow. I think it’s a good thing.
  • Treasurers Report
  • Checking account $679.82
  • Savings account $328.90
  • Neighborhood signs $1297.10
  • Legion way trees $151.31
  • Community beautification $505.31
  • Long-term savings $1030.89
  • New business.
  • Brian asked for cleaning supplies and equipment to clean the neighborhood signs up on Boulevard. A motion was made by Brian for $100 from the sign fund to be used to purchase supplies and equipment to clean the signs. It was seconded by Ira and passed unanimously.
  • Roger Horn let us know about a proposed Bike Boulevard that will head down through our neighborhood to downtown. There was concern that the ENA should be in on the conversation for the route. Nathan pointed out that Brittany Yunkers has reached out to the ENA about one segment on the disused part of 9th. It was suggested we reach out to Sophie Stimson in Transportation at the city and become part of the conversation.