Present: Chad Akins, Bev Kooi, Don LeMaster, Jenni Fleming, Elaine Nelson

Called to order at 7:11 pm.

June minutes: approved.

Treasurer’s report: $818.64 in checking, $525.85 in savings, $1289.17 in sign fund, $1006.48 in certificate. 20 up-to-date dues-paying members.

Discussed content and layout of summer newsletter.

Discussed whether to use dues reminders. Yes? Also, Jenni will get a new pouch to hold dues money turned in at events.

Jenni got a copy of our certificate of incorporation, following a prior meeting’s discussion.

Picnic: BBQ secured, will be loaned from local business. We will provide an ad in the newsletter. Ruth is getting supplies (paper goods?). Elaine requested that we order burgers from Stewarts Meats again, all agreed. Chad will contact Kenny (?) about hot dogs. Don will contact someone at South Bay BBQ. Discussed music: Elaine will forward contact information from performer who contact her earlier in the year. Discussion of other performers, info booths. Informal asks to potential groups over the next two weeks.

Suggested purchase of an awning for use at the picnic and other events. Maximum $100, white, preferred with a lip on the sides for stenciling our name. Moved, seconded, approved.

Adjourned at 8:25 pm