Called to order 7:10

Present: Ruth Middlebrook, Bev Kooi, Chad Akins, Elaine Nelson, Jenni Fleming

Don Lemaster could not attend, but let Chad know that he’s voting yes on pathway project and has someone for BBQ duty at the picnic.

May minutes, Elaine: approved.

Treasurers Report, Jenni: $525.74 in checking, $1288.90 in the signs fund, $812.98 in savings, $1005.28 in a certificate of deposit.

Pathways Project, Elaine: discussed the potential project at Fairview and 10th, cleaning up a pathway as part of a city pilot project. Elaine will submit the application and be the volunteer lead on this project. Approved.

Newsletter, Bev: discussion, including picnic planning. Bev has final outline of articles.

T-shirts: came up during discussion of newsletter. Elaine will resend cafe press shop link. Also discussed a graphic done by Nikki McClure during the logo contest, we’d like to ask about using that as well for t-shirts, etc.

Picnic, Chad: discussion. Chad will write letter to coop to see if we can coordinate our picnics. We decided on tentative menu: pending other donations, same as in previous years.

Advertising for picnic and newsletter, Jenni: get correct info onto the website for rates. Elaine will find her draft letter. Set target of approaching 20-25 businesses for ads, Chad will mail, Jenni will handle follow-up.

501(c)3, Chad: with annual revenue of under $5000, not a whole lot of benefit. Also, we need a mission statement.

FYI, Ruth: Olympian will be featuring various n’hoods.

Park meeting, Elaine: Quick update on what happened at the public meeting, followed by discussion.

Future agenda: mission statement. (not July, but some other meeting)

Next agenda: picnic.

Adjourned 8:20 pm

Next meeting – July 13, Ruth will not be here.