Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Thursday, July 27, 2006
Swantown Inn, corner of 11th & Central St. SE

A.  Welcome and Intros
Action:  Review and Approve June Minutes

B.  Old Business
-Neighborhood Entrance Sign Project (Nathan/Jody/All)
Action:  Finalize Tasks & Timeline
-National Guard Training at Madison Elementary (Margaret)
Action:  Vote on Draft Letter (no quorum reached via email)
-Newsletter (Jody/Terry/Katie)
Action:  Appoint New Advertising Representative

C.  New Business
-Annual Picnic, August 19th (All)
Action:  Assign Tasks
-ENA/New Bridge Yard Sale, August 26th (Eddy/Jody)
-Fundraising ­ Café Press (Elaine) & Stormans (Jody)
-Treasurer’s Report (Mark)

D.  Announcements and Adjourn