By Jessie Archer

For this meet your neighbor article I met a beautiful family on 11th.  Joyhanna and Seth are both rabbis and have two cute little boys, Erez and Ozi.

How long have you lived in the neighborhood and where are you from originally?
We’ve lived in the Eastside neighborhood now for 6 years.  Joyhanna is originally from Oregon and Seth is from New York.  We met in Philadelphia.

What do you like to do for fun?
We like to cook and visit museums like the Children’s Museum and the Seattle Science Museum.  We also like the Olympia Farmer’s Market.

What do you like about living in the Eastside?
We like the proximity.  We bought this house so we could walk downtown.  We like the sense of community – we had a great time playing in the snow this winter.  The neighborhood potluck in Lion’s Park is great too.

What would you change about the neighborhood?
It would be nice to have more stable residents in the immediate area.There are a lot of empty houses near us.

Your house is really interesting, when was it built?
There’s actually an interesting story with the house.  It was built in the 1920s and an addition added in the 1940’s. A major renovation was done in 2003 with a main floor, basement, and attic added. Right after they signed the papers to purchase the house, a city backhoe rammed into the house knocking it off it’s foundation. It worked out well because the city had to make some changes like earthquake proofing and removing the asbestos shingles when they did the repairs.