Board members are elected at the February general meeting. This year, the board members Chad Akins and Elaine Nelson are up for re-election while Board-appointed treasurer Jenni Fleming is up for election. Current president Luke Bowerman is stepping down to concentrate on his small business, so we are seeking at least three new board members. Per our by-laws the ENA board must have at least 10 members, and may have as many as 20. (Officers are selected at the February board meeting on February 28.)

You can become a board member! Board members decide and organize the activities of neighborhood association. If you have ideas for what the association should be doing, this is the place for you. You must be a resident of the Eastside or own a business in the Eastside to run for election. Board members are expected to attend meetings on the third Thursday of every month (except December) and the four general membership meetings. They also help out with the activities of the association.

If you’re not interested in joining the board, but still want to help improve the neighborhood, we have lots of other volunteer opportunities! The newsletter always needs writers, advertisers, and delivery volunteers. Board members Chad Akins and Tim McLeod are working to build a neighborhood garden club and would appreciate any volunteers who want help out and we’re always looking for folks interested in crime-prevention and vandalism clean-up.

If you have an idea for a project: neighborhood beautification, traffic calming, safety, we’ll help you get your idea out to others in the neighborhood who want to help. We can also help you connect your project with the right people at the city or even apply for city grants.

Speaking of grants, if you have any experience with grantwriting or fundraising, the Eastside Neighborhood Association can use your help, too.

Whatever your skills or interests, if you want to improve our neighborhood through the Eastside Neighborhood Association, we want your help. Contact the ENA President at [email protected] with questions or to volunteer. To volunteer as a board member, please feel free to drop the President an email at [email protected] and attend the February General Membership meeting.