Present: Nathan, Brian, Sam, Sherry, Roger and Jim

Location: Eagles Club
1) Discuss replacing missing neighborhood signs – Nathan is looking into it. National barricade (Aug-Oct research)
2) CNA
a. Sort term rentals recommendations March
b. Downtown strategy – character areas, parking strategy
c. CNA joint meeting with planning com 9-11 nuisance ordinance, housing – missing middle, CRANA and Bigelow want to coop w/ Candidate forum
d. 1% Thriftway – lots of money
3) Subarea Plan – Roger, Nathan, Jim and Stacy are the Core group. Charter is on the website – defines all roles – City is likely to accept it! Goes to council Aug 15th With an opportunity to accept and approve, they are moving forward. Communications plan is in the works and waits for August 15th approval after which a larger group will be involved in how outreach happens. Community outreach and community meetings, single topic meetings (brainstorm phase). Asking Sheena to join core group. Planning meeting just before ENA monthly meeting.
4) Candidate forum – Elks Lodge available 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 1st Wednesday 4th of October Candidate forum. Co-host with CRANA and Bigelow. Subarea meeting on 18th 5-10 minutes before candidates. Roger knows candidates, Sam knows people/speakers working on initiative.
5) Subarea Plan needs approval from ENA board to nominate add core and planning group – approved unanimously.
6) Treasurers report:
a. Savings $1062.28
b. Grants for:
i. Signs $1299.50
ii. Trees $506.70
iii. Beautification $506.70
c. Checking $349.16
7) Picnic – August 27th 4 to 7 PM, 225 patties from Big Tom’s (Nathan), Beerworks – Beer Garden, volunteers honorarium, Band, Bian Coop, Ralph’s
8) Block party – permits submitted, put out signs the week before! $250 may total block party 5-8. Handout rebates, due payment handout.
9) Sherry and Roger Activity Dates – Handout for block party, outreach and membership dues – sustaining members talk to WSECU – payment processing. Envelopes, Tax Status – Sherry 501? Nextdoor dues invitation! Look for cards ENA