Present: Sam, Roger, Nathan, Sherry and Charlotte
Minutes from August and September meetings approved with minor corrections. Nathan will post them.
Treasurers Report Approved – funds from all accounts (savings, signs, trees, beautification, checking) $3417.70
1. Website – There was a request to put upcoming events (see below) on the website. Roger is willing to help with this.
2. Sub-area Planning – On November 15th there will be a sub-area plan town hall “Eastside Neighborhood Conversation – Building Our Future Together” meeting from 6:30 to 8:30p.m. at the Elks Lodge. Bonnie and Roger are putting a communication piece together for it. It will be done in a World Café Style. Paul Horton will Facilitate. Board members agreed to help spread the word about the meeting. Make sure that we send out thank you notes afterward. The mailing with the survey will go out in December. It will also include a calendar of events. It was suggested that this be printed on a magnet and that Elks, Storman’s or Big Tom’s may want to advertise on. Sam checked with the city and they will not be able to help with the mailing. If it is done bulk mail it may cost as much as $1,100 for the stamps.
3. Candidate Forum – Over 100 people attended. It was good to work with the other neighborhood associations. We got positive comments from the participants and the candidates. There was concern that ENA may not have been properly credited for the event. Roger offered to put a de-brief about the event on our website and he will include a thank you to those who participated. He has already thanked the candidates. There was a discussion about including other neighborhood associations next time. That will depend on the venue. St Michael’s was suggested as a possible venue in the future. They are doing a $4 million-dollar construction project and they want to be good neighbors. Next time we will want to send out thank yous earlier.
4. Winter Light Night – Nathan reported that the VOLKS-Walk group will not be joining us. It was suggested that the City of Olympia Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee may be interested in the walk. Nathan, Roger, Jodi and Sheryl are the planning team for the event. They will meet next week at Nathan’s to do more of the planning.
5. Caroling – The board agreed to change the date to December 15th (Friday night) at 6:30. Jeanne has song books already, some that could be copied. We can do it like the block parties with multiple starting points happening at the same time. We will ask Brian to lead a group. Sherry and Roger will also lead groups. We will ask Whitney if she will lead a group as well. We will ask people (on next door) a head of time to let us know if they want to have a group of carolers come to their homes.
6. Kiosk Project – Sam has not made any progress yet. He is looking for someone to help. He cannot use high school students because of liability issues but is looking for adults who will volunteer to help.
7. President position – Sam will not be able to continue as president next year due to other commitments. He asked that others start thinking about their interest in the position for next time.
8. November Meeting – The next meeting will be held on November 8th from 7-8p.m. at Nathan’s place.