Eastside Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

July 15, 2020

Virtual Meeting

Attendees: Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Rioux, Jim Sweeney, Cheryle Bayle, Nathan Allan, Roger Horn, Amy Hill

  • Approval of June Minutes

June 15, draft minutes approved.

  • Annual Dinner at the Park

Jim R. has reserved the Lions Park Shelter for August 15. Give the rise in cases of COVID 19. We will re-schedule for some time late in September.

  • Fundraiser for Madison

Sherry spoke with the principal of Madison Elementary school. He runs a fundraiser every year to buy supplies for students. He felt the need would be great this year and normal outreach methods may not be effective. The board discuss how we could help get the word out to help with the School’s fundraising efforts.

  • Spray Park Update

Sherry contacted Sara with the City Parks Department. Design is moving forward. The City hopes to have more information available next

  • Housing Committee update

Sherry has been in contact Paul Horton with cottage house future plan. They are interested in working together to get a project in the Eastside Neighborhood. Sherry will continue working with them to see how we can help.

  • CNA Report

Jim R. reported that most neighborhood associations are struggling with event and communication with members given the constraints imposed by the pandemic.

There was a great deal of discussion around short-term rentals. Judy Bardin shared that a rental near her home has turned into a “party House” has become a nuisance due to noise and excessive cars,

City has approved funding for a web site, survey monkey and zoom account. Survey monkey may be useful if we want to get feedback on issues like sidewalk conditions.

Jim S and Roger provided CNA with a brief presentation on our plan. We decided to set up a meeting with ONNA to see how we can work together on implementation.

  • Subarea Planning Group Report

Jim Sweeney discuss our efforts to focus on sidewalks due to input received at the last annual meeting. We met with the City, but the conclusions were not encouraging. There really is no funding for local access streets.

We look forward to discussion with ONNA

Historical designation for the Armory is moving forward. Jim S and Cheryl with keep working with that group

  • Letter to Madison

Sherry mailed the letter to Domenico Spatola-Knoll.

  • Treasurer Report

Checking 419.47

Savings 1061.50

Signs 1304.61

Trees 152.88

Beautification 409.01

Total 3347.47

  • Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting

August 19, 2020

7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting.