Eastside Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

June 17, 2020

Virtual Meeting

Attendees: Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Rioux, Cindy Fulton, Jim Sweeney, Cheryle Bayle, Chris Knight, Nathan Allan, Roger Horn

  • Annual Picnic/ Block Parties/Variety Show

The Board discussed the proposed dates for block [parties. There was general concern that the level of control of the virus is not what we had hoped for.  The Board decided to wait until Labor Day and only if we are in phase 4.

  • Council of Neighborhood Associations

Jim R. provided a debrief from last CNA meeting.

Significant amount of discussion about the City moving to Phase 2. People sticking to the rules around masks and social distancing seem hit and miss. There is a great deal of caution, but the City is opening up some operations.

Larry led a review of the CNA charter documents.  There was some discussion about whether or not the CNA is meeting the intent of those that formed it,

Funding for a Zoom account, Survey Monkey and a website has been approved. More to come on how ENA can access these tools.

  • Lions Park Spray-ground

Jim reached out to Jake Lund with City Parks, Arts and Recreation Department (PAR).  Jake confirmed that the design process was delayed by the virus, but they were picking it up again. Sara Greenburg will take over public outreach and they are looking at using Engage Olympia for public comment.

Jim R. will send Sara’s contact information to Sherry so that Sherry can request a briefing from Sara.

  • First United Methodist Church

Some members of the congregation want to back to normal services. Church leadership does not think that it is time to do that yet.  They cannot guarantee that holding services would do no harm.  A church in Oregon opened and the result was 200 new cases.

The church is still not making home visit, but they are calling people to check in, see if assistance is needed or simply listening to people dealing with the virus and isolation.

Chris contacted Homes First and talked with Phil with Sidewalk. Sidewalk is operating, but with significantly scaled back operations.   There are a lot of people coming through and they are trying to help those with stimulus checks find housing.

Blood Works approached the church for a blood drive.   It ran for six weeks. Seemed like a success.

  • Food Bank

Sherry took part in the recent food drive. Donations were much lower than in previous years.

  • Armory

Jim S. provide an update of work to gain historical designation of the Armory. According to Marygrace with the City, it looks like stars are starting to line up. The City is sub-contracting with the military complete a doing study of the history of armories.

The City is looking at community center

Roger spoke with Stephanie Johnson. She is excited about potential arts center.

  • Sub-area Plan Implementation

The Core Team is meeting every other week. Work is focused on reviewing input from the neighborhood and determining areas to prioritize.

Walkability and sidewalks were the highest priority. The Core teem is considering a survey to find the highest priority small project. They are also reaching out to City transportation for assistance.

  • May 20 Meeting Notes

The Board approved the draft notes from the April 15 Board Meeting. 

  • Treasurer’s Report

Checking $419.47

Savings $1061.43

Signs $1304.52

Trees $152.86

Neighborhood Beautification $408.97

Grand Total $3347.25

  • Housing

Sherry is doing outreach. Whitney did not think an ENA committee would help. Sherry contacted Gail Sullivan with Fertile Ground.

Jim S. thought that Gail wanted to do a presentation about what they are doing with the Thurston County Land Trust.

Roger will help with housing.

  • Neighborhood Events

Roger does not think a virtual variety show will work. He is looking at a live show in September

The Candidate Forum is still under consideration.

  • Good of the Order

Chris – The church is planning another supply drive for school. Madison school. In the past they have been able to sponsor a class. This year we are doing a fund drive to purchase supplies for schools.  People can connect with the drive via Facebook.

Nathan – Madison is only school that every class has had a sponsor.

Nathan – Madison has lost its pre-school program This is a huge loss. The program has moved to Roosevelt. This will not serve our neighborhood effectively.  They haven’t given any reason for the changes. This was in process before the virus hit.

ENA should take a position.  Nathan agreed to send bullet points to the board. Jim will draft a letter for Sherry to sign. Recommendation is that it be sent to the Principal and copied to the School Board and City Council.

Cheryl – Do we a place for comments on the website?  No one at the meeting was sure

Cheryl – There was an article on Thurston Talk about the map that was recently created for the North East neighborhood.

  • Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting

July 15, 2020

7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting.