Eastside Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

May 20, 2020

Virtual Meeting


Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Rioux, Cindy Fulton, Jim Sweeney, Cheryle Bayle, Nathan Allan, Roger Horn

  • April 15 Meeting Notes

The Board approved the draft notes from the April 15 Board Meeting. 

  • Treasurer’s Report

Sherry will send out this month’s Treasurer’ report via e-mail.

  • Annual Picnic

Jim R. reserved the Lions Park Shelter for August 15, 2020 from 3:00pm – 8:00 pm. We will advertise the Annual Picnic run from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

  • Block Parties

There is good interest in holding block parties. We will need to confirm who will be hosts.

Currently scheduled for Friday 17th. Roger is hoping to do a merged block party. Can we do Friday or Saturday? Last years’ time frame was 4-8 pm.

Not sure how this will work with social distancing

  • ENA Contact List

Jim asked about how to update ENA contact list. We had people sign up to be added at the Subarea plan meeting. Jim has that list pulled together but does not know how to update the contact list.

Nathan explained that the list is linked to our website.  We think Brian and Sheena have passwords and know how to make changes.

Jim R. will contact Brian and Sheena to find out how to access ENA contact list.

  • Variety Show

Roger contacted the Eastside Neighborhood Association. They discussed the idea of a virtual show but concluded that it would be better to postpone until a live show can be held.

  • Neighborhood Mapping

Sherry provide an update of her work on neighborhood mapping. She has gone through all of the videos and is excited about starting with her immediate neighbors.

Cindy contacted Patrick Knoff with OFD. He has put a old on all neighborhood mapping activities to stay focuses on the City’s COVID-19 response.

  • Eastside Crossing

Jim S. Provide an update on the process to select the artist for the Eastside Crossing Gateway Project. The jury has narrowed the list from 10 to 3. They will interview with same jury next week. Next step is connection with two neighborhood associations. A joint meeting is a possibility in August or September.  CRANA meets at the NOVA School.

  • Armory

Jim S. established a contact with Parks. There is a lot of enthusiasm about the idea with City staff. Not much to report but interest is high. The City agreed to designate the site on the on historic register. The City is taking the lead. Marygrace and Stephanie Johnson were on the call. Jim S. will continue to is gather information.

  • Fir Street Reservoir

The City’s proposal to complete seismic upgrades on the reservoir has receive a SEPA determination of no significance. This was not challenged. We had hoped the City would address landscaping and remove the ivy, however, the is no work outside of reservoir.

  • Sub-area Plan Implementation

The subarea plan core team is meeting every other week. Work is focused on establishing the framework for engaging volunteers and pursuing issues that are already in progress such as getting historic designation of the Armory.

One action was to set up a sub-committee to investigate housing issues. Jim S. found a contact fond for Thurston Housing Land Trust. They want to talk with us about us about acquiring property for low- and moderate-income housing.

Sherry expressed an interest. 

Nathan suggested contacting others not on the board and Homes First.

Cindy mentioned that 1524 5TH Ave, which has been vacant for decades is being worked on. The contactor renovating the home got a deal with the City to live in a camper while working on the house.

  • Lions Park Spray-ground

No update. Jim R. Is still on point to contact the City.

  • Affordable Housing

Sherry asked if anyone had any thoughts about the affordable housing issues that are currently swirling or information about the Planning Commission meetings.

Jim R. mentioned that this is a significant topic at the CNA meetings. Many are frustrated that this seems to be done deal and any objections about the substance or process are falling on deaf ears. Clark Gilman essentially confirmed that that is true.

There was some discussion about the choice of Renata Rollins to call for a rent strike.

Nathan met with Teal new homeless community coordinator. Teal is overwhelmed.

Plum St. Is still up and running.  Nathan has noticed more people casing houses in the area since the measures to address COVID-19 were put into place. Cheryl indicated that she was seeing similar activity.

Union Gospel Mission is planning a few new houses.

The mitigation site seems to be running better.

The groups had a general discussion about challenges of homeless problems and solutions not being taken advantage of.

  • Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting

June 17, 2020

7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting.