Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting Notes
Virtual Meeting
Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Rioux, Chris Knight, Jim Sweeney, Roger Horn, Cheryle Bayles

  1. City Council Virtual Town Hall
    Sherry mentioned that Olympia’s Finance Committee will convene another Virtual Town Hall on
    Wednesday April 15 at 5:30 p.m. on “Financial Resources for Local Businesses.”
    Sherry listened to one of the virtual town hall meetings. Jill Barns from Washington Center
    discussed fiscal impacts of the virus outbreak.
  2. Board Member Issues
    Sherry asked if anyone had any burning issues.
     Roger mentioned the need to think about ways that we help people in the
    neighborhood. He suggested putting up our signs with contact information might help.
     Chris shared that FUMCO is doing a lot of personal reach outs to people. He added that
    he thought Roger’s idea sounded good.
     Jim S mentioned that he would like to see the Next Door map used more. Is there some
    way that we could connect more directly?
     Cheryl shared her brother-in-law needs to pick up meals on wheels. Maybe there is an
    opportunity to help in those cases?
     Sherry asked about the foodbank. Do people need help getting to the food bank. Roger
    stated that it is not very busy and that you just get a pre-packed bag now. The board
    discussed giving a about donation and need to for financial help?
     The board approved donating $200 to the foodbank.
  3. Eastside Arts Walk
    The Eastside Arts Walk is a happening on April 25th 2pm-11:30PM. A map is being developed
    and there is information about the event on Next Door.
    The Board discussed putting up signs to promote the event.
  4. Variety Show
     Roger asked what people thought about trying to organize a virtual show. Virtual?
    Scheduled for May 2 nd .
     Chris thought there may be some challenges to getting it organized and we need to be
    careful about zoom bombers.
     Sherry mentioned that Facebook is good platform and may be a better choice than
     The group agreed that the date should be moved to late May or early June.
     In general, the group thought we should try a virtual show.
     Roger will check in with Bigelow Highlands Neighborhood.
  5. Neighborhood picnic and block parties discussion
    Are these events possible with social distancing? Generally, people thought we should explore
    the idea.
    Jim R. will contact Parks to see what they are doing about reservations in July and August.
  6. Neighborhood Mapping
    Jim Sweeney asked what could we do now to get more neighborhood mapping accomplished?
    He pointed out that the renewed awareness created by the coronavirus may generate some
    enthusiasm in the neighborhood around this initiative.
    Roger agreed to touch base with Sandia to see how her efforts went and see is she know how
    to get in touch with the person that spoke at the Sub-are plan meeting.
  7. Thurston County Courthouse
    Sherry asked if Jim R. had gotten in touch with the county to get a presentation on the Regional
    Courthouse. Jim R said he did not because he heard the courthouse project was indefinitely
    placed on hold.
    Roger spoke with John Turnhiem – John willing to come to a meeting or brief the ENA. The
    group felt that we may want to find a way to include the Northeast and Downtown
  8. Bob Jacobs Letter.
    Jim R. explained that Bob Jacobs had created the document to share with all neighborhood
    associations. Bob ran the information through the CAN. Bob thought it was critical to inform
    people about the SEPA process and their opportunities to comment.
    All felt the information was somewhat one sided and that opinions in the neighborhood were
    mixed. The group decide to not take any action on the letter. Jim Described the process. ENA
    will not
  9. Treasurers Report
    Sherry had e-mailed the Treasurer’s Report prior to the meeting.
  10. Eastside Art Crossing
    Jim S. provide an update on the process for artist selection. A workshop was helped on April
    2 nd to explain the process to artists. There were seven solid responses. The jury will meet on
    May 5 th . Probably on-line, but City Hall may be open on May 4 th .
  11. March 18 Meeting Minutes
    The Board approved the draft minutes from the March 18 Board Meeting.
    Next Meeting
    May 20, 2020
    7:00 PM
    Virtual Meeting