Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting Notes
March 18, 2020
Virtual Meeting

Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Rioux, Cindy Fulton, Chris Knight, Chilcutt, Jim Sweeney, Brian Brannies, Cheryle Bayles

  1. Debrief of Annual Meeting
    In general, all felt that there was a good turnout and that the level of engagement with discussions was very good.
    At least one table discussed the lack of clarity about the proposed legislation under consideration at the state legislature. Some thought the sub-area plan would specifically address that and have action items to provide more input to the City on implementation.
    People thought the sub-area plan was a vehicle for telling the city that we didn’t want missing middle.
    Brian and Jim R noted that the final bill was significantly watered-down.
    They were generally confused about the sub-area plan at the table that Brian worked with.
    Jim Sweeny and others commented that it is hard to see what more we could have done to better educate our members.
    Cheryl commented that it is unfortunate the people still don’t understand after all we did to
    reach out.
    Jim S pointed out that we did a lot of electronic outreach and it is always best to do more one
    on one communication. The kind that that we had at our public meetings.
    Cindy indicated that her table jumped right in and picked out areas they wanted to emphasize
    Sherry let every know that If ENA owes anyone money send her receipts.
    We made $300 at the meeting
  2. Art Project
    Jim Sweeny reviewed process that the City Parks department is conducting to select the artist.
    People interested in competing were invited to City Hall for the next step, but that has been
    delayed until April. If people are interested, the City web site is a good source of information.
    Jim S. described the basic project for those that may not be familiar and noted that the City has
    $50,000 budgeted for the installation.
  3. New Yard Signs
    What are next steps? We talked about larger signs in the past.
    Brian offered to assist, but now unknown if that makes sense.
    Gathering a work party might be difficult. FUMCO is completely closed for now.
  4. Talent Show
    Sherry suggested that we table this issue for now.
  5. Current State of COVID-19
    Brian: Is everybody on the call OK? things look bad. Things will get bad for the City of Olympia
    Sherry: Did a few things on Saturday.
    Cheryl: Still walking around the Lake. People doing a good job of keeping six feet apart.
    Jim R described what’s open and what’s closed. No idea of funding impacts or solutions.
    Chris: All reservations at FUMCO are cancelled.
    Brian: State patrol not stopping for discretionary items.
    Sherry: Saturday distance picnic at Madison Park was a nice break and seemed to work well.
    There was a brief discussion about what ENA should do to get the word out. The group felt that
    more notices didn’t seem necessary.
    Future discussions should focus on How to reach those in need?
    Brian: Isolation may be most difficult to handle.
    Sherry: We should use this group if one of us tests positive.
  6. Thurston County Court House Ballot Measure
    Sherry shared that she reviewed the County’s proposal. The proposal includes a 125-foot
    building, with 1100 parking spaces in the structure. One proposal moves Japanese Garden. The
    wetland is eliminated. The group concluded that ENA should provide input.
    Some board members were suspicious about timing and think it is being pushed through
    without an adequate public process
    Jim Rioux will reach out to the County’s PM to invite him to speak with ENA
    Jim S – Traffic will be an issue so other associations may want to participate.
  7. Meeting Adjourned