Doug Drainville, Pastor of Ministry Development – The renovation of our new facility is going well. The fire sprinklers are currently being installed and should be completed in April. To our surprise the heating system is intact, with only a new fuel-efficient boiler and a few other repairs needed. The offices are being completely revamped and should be complete near the end of April.

We discovered to our dismay that the the large gym floor was asphalt instead of concrete. It allowed moisture to come up through it so we broke it all up and moved all 42+ tons out with wheelbarrows to be recycled! We have a brand new concrete floor with built-in radiant heating.

We’re also working on the burglar system, replacing the pod windows, and putting in a pervious asphalt parking lot. Then we can get to landscaping and other finishing work.

Our goal for our first regular service is October 7, and of course, everyone from the neighborhood is invited.