Where are you from?
Elaine – Born and raised in Altadena, CA; I lived in Tacoma for 10 years before moving to Olympia.
Chad – Grew up in Pierce County. I’ve lived in Tacoma and in other parts of Olympia over the years.

Describe yourselves
We live with our three cats in a 1970s house that is our ongoing project. We both enjoy cycling; Elaine gets in 10 miles most weekdays. We’re also both very interested in the social uses of computers, Chad with wifi and Elaine with blogging. We’ve lived in the eastside for about 4 1/2 years.

Favorite things about the eastside:
The mix of houses, beautiful and creative gardens, and all the different kinds of people. It’s close to downtown, so there are plenty of amenities in cycling distance.
Why are you involved with the ENA?
We are both interested in getting to know more neighbors and in improving the place we love.  This year, Chad wants to work on making the Madison Scenic Park better, and Elaine wants to make the newsletter more engaging and interesting.  (Suggestions welcome!)