The trees on Legion Way are beginning to leaf out for spring; another wonderful summer of traveling the lush greenery along Legion Way is on its way! Here’s a quick State-of-the-Trees review:

Seven trees were removed because of the December 14 windstorm. Six were replaced with new young oaks; the last location, at 1114 Legion Way, will require investigation into the conditions that allowed the tree to rotate completely out of the soil. This failure was totally unanticipated and appears to be connected to a drainage problem that interfered with the ability of the tree’s roots to hold fast.

Wood from the removed trees has been funneled into a variety of recycling programs including the new City Hall; an organization that will carve wooden toys for Toys for Tots; local artisans; Left Foot Organics; firewood to low-income families; and as mulch for Legion Way replacement trees.

The City’s Urban Foresters are pursuing alternatives for managing the replacement trees along Legion Way where utility transmission lines are still a concern. Discussions have begun with Puget Sound Energy to research options that will avert the need for severe pruning along Legion Way. Stay tuned for developments along these lines…in the meantime, Asplundh, contractors to PSE, will be active this summer in the Eastside Neighborhood trimming trees under utility lines. This activity is mandated by Washington law, which requires that utility companies provide for the safe and uninterrupted delivery of service.
Micki McNaughton, City of Olympia Urban Forestry Program – All three of the City’s Urban Foresters inspect Legion Way at least once a week; however, those of you who live and travel on Legion Way are our best eyes: you are the most familiar with our green giants in all their seasons. Please contact any one of us if you notice any changes in a tree, or have questions about the trees.

If a tree emergency develops after business hours or on the weekend, please contact Public Works Gateway Services at (360) 753-8333.