February Annual/General Meeting

The Eastside Neighborhood Association (ENA) will be holding its first 2008 quarterly General Meeting, which also happens to be our Annual Meeting. That means that it’s board election time!

Come to the meeting on Thursday February 21 at 7 p.m. at the Light & Life Church on the corner of Fairview & 7th.

We have members up for re-election, and we need at least one new member too! Come on out and nominate yourself or someone else. 🙂 Board members serve 2 year terms and help to decide and organize the activities of the ENA.

If you’ve ever wondered how the neighborhood association makes decisions, this is your chance to help make those decisions!

We’ll also have guest speakers on publicly funded elections and a city composting project.

Plus: our fabulous open mic, your 3 minutes of fame talking about whatever neighborhood stuff matters to you.

January Board meeting

The next board meeting is this evening, Thursday January 17 at 7 pm at Swantown Inn. (My apologies for the late notice.)


  • Garden grant status
  • 1000 Trees in a Day (city forestry project)
  • Newsletter
  • February general meeting

Important Notice

The next general meeting has been rescheduled from its usual date on the 2nd Thursday in February, which this year happens to be February 14.

Instead, the meeting will be held on Thursday, February 21 at 7 pm. Location TBA, but probably the Light and Life Church on Fairview & 7th.

Mailing list update

I’ve tweaked the settings for the ena-olympia Google Group. Now anyone may post a message to the group, and you can decide whether to reply to the group address or to an individual.

For right now, all messages sent to the group will be moderated. If people are civil and helpful, then I’ll probably turn moderation off.

1000 Trees in a Day!

On March 29, the city’s Neighborwoods program will be planting 1000 trees throughout the city. At least some of those trees will be planted in our neighborhood, and you can help! Visit the city’s website to learn more about this project. Lucy Coffman can put you in touch with a volunteer liaison close to you. Volunteers can help identify locations, pick trees, or plant on March 29.