Capital City Marathon to run through Eastside

The annual Capital City Marathon will be held on Sunday May 18. The event also includes a half-marathon and a 5K run. The route passes through the Eastside on Eastside, Legion and Central, with a water station at Legion and Eastside. It’s a great event to watch! More information can be found on the Capital City Marathon website; they are also particularly interested in volunteers for course marking and safety. To volunteer, contact Jim Lux <>.

March 2008 board meeting minutes

Eastside Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting
March 20th, 7:00 PM

In attendance: Ann, Nathan, Casey, Sam, Tim, Whitney, Jessica

Elaine is really sick and unable to attend.
We went through introductions
We discussed old business. The garden committee didn’t get a chance to meet last month so no progress has
been made.  The first step is to just document everything.
SW Neighborhood has meetings twice per year and the entire neighborhood is plastered with signs.  We
discussed in depth doing something similar for our neighborhood meetings.
Elaine has been working on the website
Whitney talked about how we need to find ways to better read the pulse of the neighborhood. We all
agreed that if we could get more folks at the meeting that could help quite a bit.  We need to have a ‘hot
topic’ at each meeting.
Traffic – Whitney brought up traffic issues and we all agreed that traffic is something that everyone can get excited about.  We talked about previous efforts by the neighborhood to deal with the speeding on 11th. The city loaned us a speed sign to clock people’s speed.  It didn’t work well because it could be seen from the bottom of the hill and had to be manned at all times.  It worked as a speed deterrent, but not as a tool for elucidating the problem.  We agreed to discuss traffic at the next meeting.  Jess will write an article to gather information about traffic problem spots.

We also discussed problems with the church parking lot.  We agreed to write a letter to the church asking them to use the parking lot rather than the street.

Newsletter tasks – Whitney has broke down the newsletter tasks and we divided them up amongst ourselves :
Secure advertising (Elaine database)
Article selection ?
Layout (Whitney)
Distribution (Jess)
Printing (Nathan)
General Meeting signs (Sam will check in sign shop)
Meet you neighbor (Jess)
Distribution – We discussed the distribution in depth and there are questions about whether we are hitting
every house.  Whitney suggested we use GIS to delegate the routes.  Jess suggested that although the routes
are variable, it may be hard to replace dedicated delivery folks if the routes are working.  In the end
we decided not to redo the routes right now, but Jess will talk to delivery folks to see if they think we
are getting everything.  We could also map out the hand written directions that we do have and take a
look to see if we have any gaps.
We also want to add “100% recycled paper” to newsletters. We should order some more Ralph’s cards. Whitney will email everyone the new basecamp site.
This newsletter’s items
Nathan forming committee
meet the neighbors
announce general meeting
traffic issue
light and life church
be a member
highlight traffic issues, here’s a quick list: 11th suicide, central speeding, any street from Eastside,
5th speeding, fredrick to big tom’s, 3 way 7th and union
Open mic
Welcome package – we talked about doing a welcome package for new folks coming into the neighborhood
with a map and coffee or something
Next meeting will be at Whitneys house at 1222 9th Ave

February Board Meeting

The February board meeting will be held Thursday February 28 at 7 p.m. at The Swantown Inn.


Review & approve minutes from January Board meeting, February General meeting

Election of officers

Possible projects for 2008:

  • Madison Park community garden (tabled for separate meeting due to absence of interested board members)
  • basketball tournament
  • summer picnic
  • improving member information
  • new email list
  • Lions Park minor project (bike rack?)
  • other suggestions

Help with research on neighborhood connections

Two Evergreen Master’s of Public Administration students are conducting a survey on Neighborhood Connections and Physical Activity in Olympia.

They would appreciate your help in gathering information for this study. You can help by taking the survey now. It only takes a few minutes. Responses will be accepted through March 3. They will keep your identity confidential, and your responses will not be attributed to you in any way.

If you know others in the neighborhood that would like to take the survey feel free to forward the information.

Thanks! (I’ve taken the survey, and it is short and easy.)