It’s time to show up for Madison and McKenny schools in a big way!

Public hearings are scheduled to be held by the district in the gymnasiums of the schools proposed for closure:

Monday, February 26th, 6:00 pm at Madison Elementary School;
Thursday, February 29th, 6:00 pm at Margaret McKenny Elementary School

Whether or not you have a close tie to either school, your presence will be have a positive impact for the Eastside Neighborhood.

For Madison: Sign up online between 8:00 am Friday, Feb. 23rd – 4:00 pm Sunday, Feb. 25th OR in person/via Zoom the night of the hearing. If prompted, indicate you are part of the Madison community.  

For McKenny: Sign up online between 8:00 am Monday Feb. 26th – 4:00 pm Wednesday, Feb. 28th OR in person/via Zoom the night of the hearing. If prompted, indicate you are part of the McKenny community. 

We hope to see you there! At the meeting, we will have materials for you about the school closure proposal. Bring signs, wear Madison and McKenny gear, and show your support. The district has not yet coordinated child care so please, consider this a family-friendly event!

Please reach out with any questions you have and let me know if you’ll be in attendance.  [email protected]

And lastly, please reach out within your circles to spread the word !

Thanks so much! Miriam Hathaway
Madison parent and OSD4ALL volunteer

August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

747 Boulevard Rd SE  7pm – 9pm
Monthly Board Meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Assocations
Board members in attendance:  Brian Brannies, Rita Sammons, Sherry Cillicut, Sam Green, Sheena Pietzold, Jim Sweeney, Charlotte Claybrook, Nathan Allan
Others:  Roger Horn
Absent:  Melissa Bluestein, Susan Herring

Annual Picnic

Will be on Aug. 20,  4 – 7pm, Lion’s Park
Brian submitted the application and insurance.
Nathan secured a donation from Michael at Eastside Big Tom’s. he is arranging pickup
Brian secured Ralph’s Thriftway, and the Olympia Food Co-op.
Food preparation plans and logistics for BBQs were made.
Brian was taking care of reminders on Nextdoor.

ENA Meeting Signs

A number of the signs have been stolen. So more will be ordered after an assessment of ENA finances after the picnic.

ENA Liaision with Madison Elementary

As our neighborhood school, Nathan wanted to explore a stronger tie between the ENA and the school. The board agreed and Nathan is exploring more with Mr DSK the Principal (and ENA Resident).

Ideas for closer ties included;

  • Help with the garden
  • Help with events
  • Holding meetings at the school.

Treasurer’s Report by Sherry Cillicut

 Ordered dog waste bags and just sent an inquiry b/c they should be here by now.

Water jug for annual picnic was $25 at Home Depot. Picking it up today.

  • Checking $697.87
  • Savings $1061.45
  • Neighborhood Signs $1298.56
  • Legion Way Trees $151.65
  • Community Beautification $506.16

Roundabout Cleanup

The roundabouts (around 8) will be cleaned up and replanted this fall.
Waivers and sign-up will be put out at the Annual Picnic.

CNA Update from Brian Brannies

Subarea Planning: ONNA Subarea Plan has been released on website. there is an opportunity for the Eastside to be the next area. There was discussion on whether we were ready as a neighborhood and board. Discussion said maybe next year, after asking at the Annual meeting for interested parties. To make this the 2017 project of the year.
Downtown Strategy has been released. Calls for 5000 more residents downtown, amongst many other things. Read about it on the Olympia City Web site here.
Sam offered to directly put his CNA report on the ENA web site. Thus making some of his announcements and findings more time relevant.

Eastside Crime and Safety Committee (ECSC) by Roger Horn

The motion to have the ECSC become a committee of the ENA was tabled. The feeling was the group is making progress and we do not want to reign that in. The board feels that they are also dealing with Olympia wide issues, not just Eastside.

Roger has agreed to continue to report to the ENA board and the ENA board will help where asked or needed. Roger was going to coordinate posting about the block parties on Nextdoor and cross post with the ENA Annual Picnic.

The ENA is aiding in the block parties that will be held on August 26th.

Minutes submitted by Nathan Allan

2016 Madison Plant Sale – Saturday, May 7th

Annual and perennial plant and vegetable starts professionally grown and affordably priced.  All proceeds benefit the school’s garden program.  This is a great one-stop spot for Mother’s Day gifts.  Ready made baskets and build your own for a special Mother’s Day!


Madison Elementary Parking Lot,

1225 Legion Way SE, Olympia


Your purchase directly supports the school’s garden enrichment programs including: the Giving Garden outdoor learning lab, all-school farmers market stands and a mobile classroom cooking cart.


Simply print out the PDF and post locally to your neighbors and friends.

PDF: Madison Plant Sale Flyer 2016

May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, May 20th, 2015, 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Members in Attendance: Nathan Allan, Melissa Bluestein, Rita Sammons, Sheena Pietzold
Board Members Absent: Brian Brannies, Susan Herring, Ira Silberlicht, Sherry Cillicut, Ted Baird (had volunteered at Annual meeting but did not show up), Mitch Dennis (we are confirming if he is continuing on as a board member)
Neighbors in Attendance: Joe Hanna, Teresa Goen-Burgman, and Kathleen Burgman – Concerned Eastside Neighbors (Medela Rezone)


  • Approval of April Minutes
    • Tabled until next month
  • Dog waste stations update
    • All installed with one spare. Thanks to Patricia Campbell for the assistance! Last two were 7th and Edison and 7th and the laneway. Hosted by Ira and Kirsten.
    • Would be great to have a location above Lions Park.
    • We are nearly out of bags. Approximately 4,000 bags lasted nearly a year. Sheena made a motion to approve $136.30 to purchase 4000 more bags. Rita seconded the motion. Board will vote via email to involve more board members.
  • Neighborhood Match Grant Update
    • The City made a list of its top picks for the grants. Our proposal for the Annual Picnic did not make the list of top projects. Our proposal for improvements to traffic calming devices did, for a total of $500.
    • City Council will make final decisions made in May.
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • More signage? We tabled this from the April Meeting to see how the Matching Grants played out. Signs would serve dual purpose with Annual Picnic promotion and general meetings.
    • Sheena made a motion to approve $182.57 to purchase 10 more signs and 15 more stands (as they break). Melissa seconded the motion. Board will vote via email to involve more board members.
  • CNA – Nathan provided a report from the neighborhood representative attending CNA meetings.
  • Treasurers Report
    • As of 4-30-15:
      Checking $689.40
      Savings $1360.20 (combined CD and savings acct)
      Neighborhood Signs $1297.27
      Legion Way Trees $151.35
      Community Beautification $505.14
  • New business
    • Open house at Madison Elementary on May 27th at 6:30
    • The school has asked the ENA to host a table with information. Nathan and Brian will attend with signs showing the dates for the annual garage sale and picnic. They will also bring a laptop to show visitors the ENA website and help them sign up for the email list.
    • Concerned Eastside Neighbors – update on proposed rezone of area behind Forest Cemetery, off 9th and Boulevard (to the east)
    • Joe, Teresa, and Kathleen attended a City Council meeting to comment on the rezone. The City attorney advised the council not hear comments on the rezone based on its relationship to the proposed new development and a rule against hearing comments on development proposals within certain time periods. They felt like they were being silenced.
    • At that City Council meeting, the council also discussed a comprehensive plan amendment that would upgrade 9th east of Boulevard. There will likely be a hearing of some kind between now and September or October when comprehensive plan amendments are voted on.
    • Joe, Teresa, and Kathleen, as well as Brian Brannies attended a public meeting on April 23rd related to the proposed development to voice their concerns to the planning commission.
    • Concerned Eastside Neighbors put signs up at 9th and Boulevard to show their concerns.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:40
  • Minutes submitted by Sheena Pietzold, Joint ENA Secretary

November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


  • Board Members Present:  Nathan Allan, Whitney Bowerman,  Brian Brannies,  Sandia Slaby, Pat Bayle, Jim Longley, Mitch Dennis, Sheena Pietzold, Katy Beattie
  • Board Members Absent: Kara Randall
  • Other Attendees: Roger Horn, Eddy

Dog waste stations

Church will help with dog waste stations; There are still troubles Getting a hold of people; Locations of sites were discussed;

Purchasing bags….biodegradable bags are they worth it? Cost effective? Sandia would like to look into the cost difference and what that means for ENA. Cost of bags (Nathan added to minutes when he found the details relevant);

$138.18 for 4000 Biodegradable bags (funny thing only considered so in 49 states not CA)
Shipping did cost.
What Aly found on Amazing is basically $31.38 for 1000 bags. So about the same.
Nathan searched around a little and did not find an alternative that works.

Future of the board

Join the ENA board! Four members are not continuing, possibly five. Become an active advocate for your neighborhood. Once a month meetings, and accomplishing tasks like the dog poop bag stations, food bank donations, etc.
February is goal for annual meeting.


  • Some neighbors have said they miss it.
  • Idea to send postcards directing people to read more at the website.
  • Print a few newsletters for those who may request it.
  • Brian is willing to print off postcards; ENA may still have credit at a local printshop.
  • Brian is willing to spearhead getting this accomplished.
  • We hope that mailing list is more accurate than in the past. A lot of effort has been put into verifying addresses.


It seems the focus of the CNA is less about working together and more about listening to presentations.  ENA has been represented in some capacity at almost every meeting this year. Representatives are wondering about the effectiveness of the CNA and the overall purpose of it as it seems to be very much concerned with big picture issues like city planning. Our presence is valued at the CNA meetings is that our voice is then reported back to City Council. CNA can, and has been in the past, be an effective voice.

Treasurers report

  • Sherry was absent from the meeting but reported $750 in checking.
  • Nathan still needs to get on the account as back-up.

Madison Holiday Store

Madison Elementary PTO Representative, Eddy, says they are looking for donations for kids to purchase for presents for their families.

Report from City Council

  • Providing $250,000 for downtown plan
  • Talk of changing code to work on creating neighborhood centers like Westside coop or San Francisco street bakery
  • Putting money into hazard trees which would affect legion way