Annual Picnic – August 6th, 4 to 7pm

The ENA Annual Picnic is scheduled to be held this Saturday at Lion’s Park, in the shelter.

Running from 4pm to 7pm, Eastside Big Tom’s has graciously donated the burgers, there will also be hotdogs. You are welcome to bring a side or dessert to share.

August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

747 Boulevard Rd SE  7pm – 9pm
Monthly Board Meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Assocations
Board members in attendance:  Brian Brannies, Rita Sammons, Sherry Cillicut, Sam Green, Sheena Pietzold, Jim Sweeney, Charlotte Claybrook, Nathan Allan
Others:  Roger Horn
Absent:  Melissa Bluestein, Susan Herring

Annual Picnic

Will be on Aug. 20,  4 – 7pm, Lion’s Park
Brian submitted the application and insurance.
Nathan secured a donation from Michael at Eastside Big Tom’s. he is arranging pickup
Brian secured Ralph’s Thriftway, and the Olympia Food Co-op.
Food preparation plans and logistics for BBQs were made.
Brian was taking care of reminders on Nextdoor.

ENA Meeting Signs

A number of the signs have been stolen. So more will be ordered after an assessment of ENA finances after the picnic.

ENA Liaision with Madison Elementary

As our neighborhood school, Nathan wanted to explore a stronger tie between the ENA and the school. The board agreed and Nathan is exploring more with Mr DSK the Principal (and ENA Resident).

Ideas for closer ties included;

  • Help with the garden
  • Help with events
  • Holding meetings at the school.

Treasurer’s Report by Sherry Cillicut

 Ordered dog waste bags and just sent an inquiry b/c they should be here by now.

Water jug for annual picnic was $25 at Home Depot. Picking it up today.

  • Checking $697.87
  • Savings $1061.45
  • Neighborhood Signs $1298.56
  • Legion Way Trees $151.65
  • Community Beautification $506.16

Roundabout Cleanup

The roundabouts (around 8) will be cleaned up and replanted this fall.
Waivers and sign-up will be put out at the Annual Picnic.

CNA Update from Brian Brannies

Subarea Planning: ONNA Subarea Plan has been released on website. there is an opportunity for the Eastside to be the next area. There was discussion on whether we were ready as a neighborhood and board. Discussion said maybe next year, after asking at the Annual meeting for interested parties. To make this the 2017 project of the year.
Downtown Strategy has been released. Calls for 5000 more residents downtown, amongst many other things. Read about it on the Olympia City Web site here.
Sam offered to directly put his CNA report on the ENA web site. Thus making some of his announcements and findings more time relevant.

Eastside Crime and Safety Committee (ECSC) by Roger Horn

The motion to have the ECSC become a committee of the ENA was tabled. The feeling was the group is making progress and we do not want to reign that in. The board feels that they are also dealing with Olympia wide issues, not just Eastside.

Roger has agreed to continue to report to the ENA board and the ENA board will help where asked or needed. Roger was going to coordinate posting about the block parties on Nextdoor and cross post with the ENA Annual Picnic.

The ENA is aiding in the block parties that will be held on August 26th.

Minutes submitted by Nathan Allan

August 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015, 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Members in Attendance: Nathan Allan, Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold, Rita Sammons, Sherry Cillicut


  • June/July Minutes approved.
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • We heard from several people saying it didn’t go very well this year. Coordination was not great, so we should work on improving it next year.
    • We have a possible volunteer to help coordinate next year.
  • Annual Picnic Planning
    • Insurance ended up costing $101.
    • Reservation of Pavilion was $25.
    • OPD and OFD sending officers and Fire truck during the event.
    • Recycling and Organics to be provided (Nathan will pick-up).
    • Food and Drink: Burgers being provided completely byEastside Big Tom.
    • The Eastside Co-op donated $100 and Ralph’s donated $50 gift cards. Brian and Rita will shop and bring side dishes, deserts, etc. from these stores.
    • ENA will purchase hot dogs, buns, and beverages. Nathan will pick-up.
    • Entertainment: Live music confirmed. Donated by Brian Brannies and Sheena Pietzold
  • Treasurers Report
    • $367.15 in Checking
    • $1360.47 in Savings
    • $1297.53 in Neighborhood Signs fund
  • New business
    • Update on matching grant: working on finalizing agreements to be able to move forward. The City will be paying for general liability insurance to protect the neighborhood association in the event of a lawsuit. All volunteers will need to sign an agreement with the City to protect the ENA. The City will provide appropriate safety equipment necessary (with the main foreseeable hazard being traffic). The City is also working on provisions to allow us to carry the funds over to 2016 since this process has taken so long.
    • Medela rezone update: the city hearings examiner recommended to the city council to upzone the area. Next steps: city council will vote on whether to upzone. Doug Deforest (representing TTOD) would like to come to the September board meeting to talk about TTOD and their ideas for the future of the area.
    • Nathan met with Lt. Holmes from OPD about a house in the neighborhood that the neighbors have been complaining about. There are proposed changes to city ordinances to make it easier for OPD and code enforcement to take care of these kinds of issues. Until then, we should try talking with our neighbors and telling them our concerns.
  • Minutes submitted by Sheena Pietzold, Joint ENA Secretary

May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, May 20th, 2015, 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Members in Attendance: Nathan Allan, Melissa Bluestein, Rita Sammons, Sheena Pietzold
Board Members Absent: Brian Brannies, Susan Herring, Ira Silberlicht, Sherry Cillicut, Ted Baird (had volunteered at Annual meeting but did not show up), Mitch Dennis (we are confirming if he is continuing on as a board member)
Neighbors in Attendance: Joe Hanna, Teresa Goen-Burgman, and Kathleen Burgman – Concerned Eastside Neighbors (Medela Rezone)


  • Approval of April Minutes
    • Tabled until next month
  • Dog waste stations update
    • All installed with one spare. Thanks to Patricia Campbell for the assistance! Last two were 7th and Edison and 7th and the laneway. Hosted by Ira and Kirsten.
    • Would be great to have a location above Lions Park.
    • We are nearly out of bags. Approximately 4,000 bags lasted nearly a year. Sheena made a motion to approve $136.30 to purchase 4000 more bags. Rita seconded the motion. Board will vote via email to involve more board members.
  • Neighborhood Match Grant Update
    • The City made a list of its top picks for the grants. Our proposal for the Annual Picnic did not make the list of top projects. Our proposal for improvements to traffic calming devices did, for a total of $500.
    • City Council will make final decisions made in May.
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • More signage? We tabled this from the April Meeting to see how the Matching Grants played out. Signs would serve dual purpose with Annual Picnic promotion and general meetings.
    • Sheena made a motion to approve $182.57 to purchase 10 more signs and 15 more stands (as they break). Melissa seconded the motion. Board will vote via email to involve more board members.
  • CNA – Nathan provided a report from the neighborhood representative attending CNA meetings.
  • Treasurers Report
    • As of 4-30-15:
      Checking $689.40
      Savings $1360.20 (combined CD and savings acct)
      Neighborhood Signs $1297.27
      Legion Way Trees $151.35
      Community Beautification $505.14
  • New business
    • Open house at Madison Elementary on May 27th at 6:30
    • The school has asked the ENA to host a table with information. Nathan and Brian will attend with signs showing the dates for the annual garage sale and picnic. They will also bring a laptop to show visitors the ENA website and help them sign up for the email list.
    • Concerned Eastside Neighbors – update on proposed rezone of area behind Forest Cemetery, off 9th and Boulevard (to the east)
    • Joe, Teresa, and Kathleen attended a City Council meeting to comment on the rezone. The City attorney advised the council not hear comments on the rezone based on its relationship to the proposed new development and a rule against hearing comments on development proposals within certain time periods. They felt like they were being silenced.
    • At that City Council meeting, the council also discussed a comprehensive plan amendment that would upgrade 9th east of Boulevard. There will likely be a hearing of some kind between now and September or October when comprehensive plan amendments are voted on.
    • Joe, Teresa, and Kathleen, as well as Brian Brannies attended a public meeting on April 23rd related to the proposed development to voice their concerns to the planning commission.
    • Concerned Eastside Neighbors put signs up at 9th and Boulevard to show their concerns.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:40
  • Minutes submitted by Sheena Pietzold, Joint ENA Secretary

April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, March 18th, 2014, 6:30PM 
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.
Board Members In Attendance: Nathan Allan, Susan Herring,  Melissa Bluestein, Rita Sammons, Ira Silberlicht, Brian Brannies, , Sherry Cillicut
Board Members Absent:  Sheena Pietzold (sick sitter), Ted Braid (had volunteered at Annual meeting but did not show up), Mitch Dennis (we are confirming if he is continuing on as a board member)
Neighbors in Attendance: Sophie – City of Olympia (Bike Boulevard), Teresa Goen-Burgman – Concerned Eastside Neighbors (Medela Rezone), Pat Rasmussen – Olympia village convergence building, Julie Rodwell – Highway Noise Abatement, plus a few more supporters of these speakers


  • Approval of March Minutes
    • Motion Approved
  • Decision on who is going to be Secretary, or if it will be handled jointly.
    • Jointly handled, by Melissa and Sheena.  If backup needed Brian will fill in.
  • ENA Generic Business Cards
    • Distribute to Board Members (10 to 20 each)
  • Dog waste stations update
    • Call for volunteers to help on last installation.
    • Ira waiting for Nathan to get back to him.
  • Neighborhood Match Grant Update
    • RNA (Recogonized Neighborhood Association) updated with City of Olympia by Sherry.
    • Decisions made in May. Volunteer hours can be billed starting in May.
    • Take out bounce house as it increases insurance from $101 to $400+?
    • Annual picnic. Need to have lower insurance. Bouncy house not approved by city.
    • Ideas instead: sack races. Face painting. Children’s museum booth.
    • Band: Oly Mountain Boys: bluegrass band. $750 for two hours.
  • ENA Sign Cleaning
    • Nathan has personally purchased an extension pole for his own use and offers this for cleaning our signs.  Hence we just need cleaning product. “Simple Green” is Nathan’s suggestion. Any better ideas? Simple green at Home Depot $20 on sale. We’re saving $100!
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • More signage? Serve dual purpose with Annual Picnic promotion and general meetings.
    • 10 more signs and 15 more stands (as they break) = $182.57
    • Waiting to vote until matching grant comes through.
  • CNA – Report from attending CNA meetings.
    • Report from Tim Minarachi, who is representing the ENA until a board member can attend.
    • First of, they’re re-upping the MOU, or Memorandum of Understanding that establishes a bridge between the CNA and the City. – minor changes to section it’s filed under from Land Use to Administration (basic relocation) They are adapting a set of standards to guide public input.
    • They want to “rebuild trust between the city and citizens through involvement” In short, the entire meeting was about continuing to develop the CNA, lots of back-patting.
    • They are going to try to get the city to start an official position in an “office of neighborhoods”, basically take on a staff position to handle the paperwork side of things. Or at least that’s the impression I got. There was also a lot of talk about recruiting more neighborhoods and increasing involvement in the CNA- basically it seems to me they have the same problem as the other neighborhood associations with attendance and involvement. They really had no idea how to involve more people.
  • Federal and State Procedures on Highway Noise Abatement
    • Julie Rodwell would like to discuss if our neighborhood has ever looked at more noise protection from I5.
    • PDF: Federal and State Procedures on Highway Noise Abatement.
    • Highlights:
    • I-5 built in 1969, 1 year before noise mitigation in place.
    • Trying to find out how we qualify for a retrofit.
    • No project, no readings.
    • I-5 isn’t officially a code violation for noise.
    • WSDOT says the canyon falls in the grey zone, but it’s not true.
    • Ivy and wood fences do not keep noise out. Appears to be the city right of way, maps aren’t definitive.
    • Reasonableness criteria:
    • We need official readings.
    • Possibility of homeowners building the wall
    • Local improvement project? Outlay is minimal (with approval) and having it be a living wall or art wall and spread out over 30 years possibly.
    • Formula to have a degradation for funding depending on how close you live.
    • Benefits: health vs. hearing loss
    • Should we write our legislators?
    • Motion made by Brian for Julie, as our ENA representative, to go to the City of Lacey and any government agency, to find out more about the costs. Motion approved by ENA board.
    • Can someone in the area, an acoustic consultant or a decibel reader do preliminary readings?
  • Proposal for another security minded ENA General Meeting brought forward by Anna Schlecht
    • Anna isn’t present.
    • Security was discussed but to have a Neighborhood Watch, we have to have someone spearhead instead of just saying we need to have this group. All of the residents would have to participate.
    • Everyone needs to get to know each other better. Have more lights, motion detectors. Report the crimes.
    • Bring up safety issues at the May General meeting. Could be June.
    • Nathan feels we should have positive upbeat meeting and skip the safety issues update.
  • Bike Boulevard in Eastiside – Sophie Stimson, Senior Planner, Public Works Transportation
    • a. Route: Electronic version will be on site.
    • b. Citizens advisory committee involved in developing the route.
    • c. Council wanted a route through the downtown area.
    • d. Will be in the works around next Spring 2016.
    • e. This is a pilot project to see how the community responds and make the case to fund more of these projects.
    • f. This really is the beginning of the project and much more to work on.
    • g. Information will be given as they spend more time researching.
    • h. Tacoma rail also being contacted as improving the pavement around the tracks is their responsibility.
  • Olympia village convergence building – Pat Russmussen
    • a. See presentation on website.
    • b. Ie.)Portland has a project called City Repair where they paint decorative art on the intersections to slow the traffic.
    • c. People in neighborhoods all doing events at the same time.

      i. The Commons@Fertile Ground

      ii. GRuB Farmhouse

      iii. Edible Forest Gardens

      iv. Love our Local Festival

      v. Joy Avenue Pathway

      vi. Farmer’s Market

    • d. Develop a schedule in our neighborhood and other neighborhoods for placemaking.

      i. Coordinate with week of the picnic

      ii. Possibly paint the bulkhead on 5th at Boundary

    • e. Someone brought up National Night Out.

      i. More info is needed.

  • Treasurers Report
    • a. Renewing Long Term CD

      i. Due in the next week. It’s worth $1031.09.

      1. Keep it in the CD or put in Savings account

      2. Motion brought up to put into savings. Motion


    • b. Accounts as of 3/31/15

      i. $698.94 in checking

      ii. $328.93 savings

      iii. $1297.22 in Signs

      iv. $150 in trees

      v. $505.36 for Community Beautification

  • New business.
    • a. Theresa – Forest Cemetery: backside of property being developed.

      i. Proposing a new development. 18-24 new units per acre on 9

      ii. Supposed to be a 1 year moratorium on zoning

      iii. Distance of cemetery to Freeway is 200 yards.

      iv. No city/county ordinances for sound.

      v. Public meeting April 23rd and public hearing coming

      vi. Information posted on website.

      vii. CEPA review was done through Puget Sound Energy acres property and not done on site. The desire is to have the city planner come to the site.

      viii. Brian will try to attend and speak for 3 minutes as a neighborhood property owner and a representative of the ENA and that we are “concerned” about the amount of traffic that will develop in this area.

      ix. Theresa would like the development to be single family instead of rental units.

      x. Where is the new master application?

      xi. [email protected]

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm
  • Minutes submitted by Melissa Bluestein, Joint ENA Secratary