Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
Thursday, April 20, 2006
1316 Central St. SE

Tentative agenda

A. Welcome and Intros
-Action: Review and Approve March Minutes

B. Guest: Kraig Chalem, City of Olympia Community Planning & Development
(invited, but not yet committed).
-Central Street Short Plat Development
-11th Ave. Development
Guest: Jerome Parker, Citizens for Public Accountability (invited,
but not yet committed).
-Log Export Facility Development on Port of Olympia Property

C. Old Business
-Update (if any) on sale of old Madison School (Eddy)
-Neighborhood Entrance Sign Project
Signs (Nathan); Posts (Jim, Jody)
-Active Lifestyle Club Grant (Terry/Jody)
Next Steps
-General Meeting Preparation for May 11th (All)
(Newsletter to printer Apr. 20th, Ann Apr. 22nd)

D. New Business

E. Announcements and Adjourn