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February Board Meeting

The February board meeting will be held Thursday February 28 at 7 p.m. at The Swantown Inn. Agenda: Review & approve minutes from January Board meeting, February General meeting Election of officers Possible projects for 2008: Madison Park community garden (tabled for separate meeting due to absence of interested board members) basketball tournament summer picnic… Read more »

October Board Meeting

Tomorrow, Thursday October 18, 7 pm, Jessica Archer’s house.  Email jessiearcher at yahoo dot com for address. Agenda is very simple: review newsletter content and November general meeting agenda.

June board meeting

Thursday, June 21 @ 7pm Conference room at New Bridge Church (Old Madison School) Proposed agenda: * Sign update and discussion of next actions * Picnic update * Walkability project update * Pea-patch update

March Board Meeting

A. Welcome, Intros, Review February minutes B. Activity updates 1. Signs 2. Safe routes project *postponed* 3. Newsletter 4. Dues payment online 5. CafePress (selling t-shirts, etc.) 6. Treasurer’s report C. Main topic: planning for 2007 D. Proposed topics for May general meeting