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October Board Meeting

Tomorrow, Thursday October 18, 7 pm, Jessica Archer’s house.  Email jessiearcher at yahoo dot com for address. Agenda is very simple: review newsletter content and November general meeting agenda.

June board meeting

Thursday, June 21 @ 7pm Conference room at New Bridge Church (Old Madison School) Proposed agenda: * Sign update and discussion of next actions * Picnic update * Walkability project update * Pea-patch update

March Board Meeting

A. Welcome, Intros, Review February minutes B. Activity updates 1. Signs 2. Safe routes project *postponed* 3. Newsletter 4. Dues payment online 5. CafePress (selling t-shirts, etc.) 6. Treasurer’s report C. Main topic: planning for 2007 D. Proposed topics for May general meeting

General meeting & financial report

Tonight is the ENA General Meeting — February 8, 7 pm at the Light & Life Church on 7th Street.  We’ll be hearing from the city about the trees on Legion and emergency preparedness, get an update about the sale of the old Madison School, and holding elections. If you’re interested in volunteering with the… Read more »