ENA Board Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2021

Virtual Meeting

Attendees: Sherry Chilcutt, Cheryl Bayle, Nathan Allan, Chris Knight, Roger, Jim Rioux, Jim Sweeney.

Treasurer’s Report

Checking $516.86

Savings $1062.04

Signs $1305.24

Trees $153.02

Neighborhood beautification $ 409.29

Approval of January Minutes

Approved with Edits

CNA Report

Jim Rioux provided a brief update of discussion at the February 8meeting of the CAN. The major discussion items were as follows:

  • Yến Huỳnh, the new Council liaison took over for Clark Gilman
  • Lydia provide an update of this year’s matching grant program. Information is now on the city’s website
  • Mike Reid, the City’s Economic Development Director provide a presentation on the ecumenic status o the City and COPVID-19 impacts. Overall the City is weathering the pandemic relatively well.

Mike’ presentation led to ad side discussion about barriers to first time home buyers and the importance of home ownership to building personal wealth.

Subarea Plan

Jim Sweeny provided an update of efforts related to the Armory.  He mentioned that the Amory is now up for acquisition and that there is an upcoming meeting with the City to speak to our legislative delegation

The Core Team met with ONNA. It was suggested that we make this connection a regular the event. At the last meeting we received input about how to proceed with efforts to get a sidewalk connection on 7th Avenue

Ideas and leaders for 2021 projects

 Sherry asked everyone to list a item or two that they want to work on this year.

Jim Sweeney – Development of a Neighborhood Hub

Cheryle Bayle – Individual Asset Assessment project to identify talent in the neighborhood and improve connections.

Nathan Allan – Winter Walkabout

                        Block party at the Inn

                        7th Avenue Sidewalk

                        Coffee Window at the Inn

Jim Rioux –   Individual Asset Assessment project

Sign boards

7TH Avenue Sidewalk

Roger Horn   Variety show

Winter walk about

7th Avenue Sidewalk

Block Party

Removal of infected trees

Chris Knight -I feel like I’m at my limit. Can offer serving in a co-leadership                                                position

                        Managing the shelter at FUMC

Sherry –         Mural at 620 Central. 


FUMC Shelter

Chris provided a brief update. Things are going well. They are not getting any complaints. It’s a beautiful thing to be there for people that have, in a way. fallen through the cracks. Most residents are elderly.

Jim S asked if s there anything we can do. Chris will check in with interfaith works.