ENA Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2021

Virtual Meeting 

Attendees: Jim Sweeny, Nathan Allen, Roger Horn, Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Rioux Stephanie Johnson City PARD.

Art Crossing Update 

Stephanie provide an update of the Eastside Crossing project and shared power point that was presented to City Council.

She reported that Council was pleased with the concept. 

Next step is presentation to the Arts Commission in February.

She expects the project will be completed by August 31.

Winter Walkabout Success

Roger and Nathan discussed the Winter Walkabout project.

Overall it was much more successful than expected

We advertised on next door and provided 3 $50 gift certificates. The winners were surprised and happy about the gift. One donated $50 to the neighborhood association. 

Next year they thought they would expand include to any decorations. They noted that there were many really nice light displays in the neighborhood this year.

Running an event for two weeks seemed better than a single night event.  

CNA Report

Jim R. provided a report on the January meeting of the CNA

A new topic was an effort to remove the proposal for a road through the LBA Woods from the City’s comprehensive plan.

Clark Gilman shared a briefing on the City’s Legislative Agenda. Priorities include COVID relief, homeless support, and criminal justice reform

Clark will be rotating off his position as CNA liaison. This will be handed off to the new council member. 

Lydia provided an update on Matching Grants. She will send a e-mail with instructions in January.

Plum Street Village 

Nathan provided an update of activities related to the Plum Street Village.

Things continue to go well, and the village is still well managed

Still no internet which is very frustrating. He can’t understand why the City can’t make this happen. Seems like the only way to get this done will be a personal connection. City route is too hard.

Lions Park ‘Letter’

Sherry received an update from City Parks. They provided a Tree map and indicated that there need to be one removal because the tree is not healthy.

Nathan will post the tree map on our website.

Tool Library 

Sherry has request from a citizen about a tool library. 


Jim will reach out to Lydia about process. The board discussed a few ideas.

New reader boards

Mailings to members

Neighborhood Mural 


Jim Sweeny reported that the historical designation is going to the Olympia Heritage Commission Jan 27 6:00 pm 

The City prepared a very good write up about the potential for the building titled Creative Campus. 

Olympia News 

There a was a report that the City has a new Neighborhood Patrol Officer, Officer Levitt. The board discussed getting his contact information and inviting him to a meeting

Strategic Plan?

Jim Sweeney shared a proposal to develop a simplified strategic plan. He is thinking about a prioritized list of things we want to do.

The board agreed to think about ideas and discuss at our next meeting. 

TRPC Regional Housing  

Sherry reports on a meeting on a TRPC meeting on housing. A lot of ideas were discussed, butt the tone was that they no entity had the power to get what we need built.

Right now, there is only 10-day supply of housing and there is a shortage of single-story houses.