2011 Annual Meeting minutes

Minutes taken February 17, 2011 by Elaine Nelson, Secretary. Chad Akins, president, presiding.

Board Members present: Elaine Nelson, Chad Akins, Don LeMaster, Jenni Fleming, Ruth Middlebrook, Sam Schroeder

Called to order 7:04pm

Announcements: Elaine Nelson – Pathway cleanup event, Saturday February 19 at 10am.

Treasurer’s Report, Jenni Fleming: 3 new paying members this evening. Jenni will provide a complete report by email to be added here.

Elections, Chad Akins:

  • Up for re-election: Chad Akins, Elaine Nelson, Jenni Fleming
  • New nominations from the floor: Nancy Thompson, Darleen Muhly, Karen Rogers, Kate Wulf
  • Chad Akins and Don LeMaster spoke about the ENA’s role in the community, visions for the future, and board member responsibilities.
  • Moved to accept full slate of nominations, seconded, approved.

Adjourned 7:20pm.

February 2011 Newsletter

Download the February 2011 newsletter (PDF) with stories about:

  • February’s general meeting & potluck
  • Volunteering: board of directors, picnic, and more
  • Reporting Graffiti
  • Legion Way trees
  • Fairview Pathway
  • Interview with Madison School’s principal (read the extended version online)
  • Playground fundraising
  • Madison-Avanti Giving Garden
  • Neighborhood Wood-Chipping
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Teachers on DonorsChoose.org
  • Imagine Olympia Neighborhood Planning Meeting
  • Plus ads & the dues form!

Meet Your Neighbor: Madison’s Principal

This is the extended version of the interview published in the February 2011 newsletter.

Written by Jessica Archer

My toddler is getting big, so I have schools on the brain lately. In the news, I read about how poorly US students perform, especially in math and science, so I decided to start investigating schools in our area. The Office of Superintendent of Public Schools has a tool called “Washington State Report Card” http://reportcard.ospi.k12.wa.us/summary.aspx?year=2009-10

You can use this tool to compare schools by standardized tests, teacher education, special programs, etc. Of course, these statistics don’t really give you a “real feel” for the school so last summer I interviewed Gayle Mar-Chun, the principal at Madison elementary school. (more…)

Fairview Pathway – plants of interest

Clean-up and planting on the pathway at Fairview and 10th will begin soon. See below for a list of plants of interest; let us know if you have extra of any of these in your garden. We’ll put your name and plants on a list and let you know when they are needed.

If you’re on the ENA’s email list, watch your inbox: when we see a break in the weather, we’ll have a clean-up party to remove brush. Please bring gloves, pruners, shovels, and other garden tools.

Plants of interest: (more…)