March 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

Luke & Whitney Bowerman’s House, 1515 10th Ave SE, Olympia
Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 6:30 – 7:30PM

  • Read and ratify February General Meeting Minutes
  • 13th Avenue Trail Proposal (Brad Archbold)
  • 11th Ave. Connector Trail (Rob Campbell)
  • 2013 Garage Sale – (postpone to April board mtg.)
  • 2013 Summer Picnic – pick specific date
  • 2013 Projects
    • Improving neighborhood outreach & communication
    • More consistent & frequent board and membership meetings
    • Early-summer picnic
    • Sidewalk clean-up day?
  • Newsletter – possibly move online w/ hand-delivered post card?
  • ENA Web Site vs. Nextdoor – clarifying roles and boundaries
  • Membership dues
    • Small increase? Has been $10 for at least 10 years
    • Pay online with credit card
    • Friendly annual reminder

Winter 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes

These minutes were read and ratified by the ENA Board on March 20th, 2013.

Facilitated by ENA President Nancy Thompson
February 20,  2013
Meeting Started at 7pm at the Knox Facility


  • Board Members:
    • Nancy Thompson (President)
    • Jennie Fleming (Treasurer)
    • Brad Archibold
    • Andrew Beattie
    • Sandia Slaby
    • Roberta Golden
  • 20+ neighborhood members in attendance
    • Tom Nogler,  Whitney & Luke Bowerman, Joe Hanna, Brad Archibold, LaRay Armstrong, Bev Kooi, Andrew Beattie, Katy Beattie, Nathan Allan, Sherry Chilcutt, Mitch Dennis, Pat Doyle, Terry & Ruth Middlebrook, Ann Mataczinzki

Treasurer’s Report by Jenni Fleming

Savings $528
Neighborhood Signs Savings $1295
Legion Way Trees Fund $150
Community Beautification (from PSE Green Neighbors program) $504
Checking $445
13 Month CD (Matures on 4/20/13) $1026
Total $3948

Association Officer Elections

The President explained that there are currently 7 board members who have completed their two year term, & 4 who have one more year remaining in their term. She added that our Bylaws require there be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 board members.  The President asked for volunteers to step forward to re-up or join the board.

The following people were elected: Luke Bowerman, Bev Kooi, Katy Beattie, Nathan Allan, Sherry Chilcutt, Mitch Dennis, Pat Doyle

President:  Luke Bowerman volunteered & was elected with no objections
Treasurer:  Sherry Chilcutt volunteered & was elected with no objections
Secretary:  Sandia Slaby volunteered & was elected with no objections

Eastside Community Garden

Roberta Golden brought to our attention that the gardens need more people to be involved. There are plots available for $50 per growing season, which includes water & membership to Sustainable South Sound (and with that, a “Buy Local” coupon book). Plots are 20’ x 20’.  The gardens are on the south side of 13th Ave S.E., just west of Central St S.E..  Contact Jennifer for more info at  (360) 481-4235 or [email protected].

City’s Trail Connectivity grants

Brad Archbold explained the status of this City program. The neighborhood association has previously been awarded funds for the Fairview walk-through trail (that project was not completed). He said there would possibly additional funds available for next year. If anyone has any ideas for creating such trails in our neighborhood they should bring those to the ENA Board’s attention.

2nd Annual Garage sale

Lee announced that she will coordinate the 2nd Annual Neighborhood Garage sale and suggested the 3rd week of July, to be after Lake Fair. The ENA will take care of advertising and will frame it as a ‘BIG Neighborhood’ sale.  Call Lee at (360) 943-1538 or email at  [email protected]  for more info. There was a discussion about the benefits to doing this the week of Lake Fair – a westside neighborhood has done this successfully for years.

Annual Picnic

Early or mid-August was mentioned for the ENA Annual Picnic. Nancy Thompson confirmed that she will continue to organize this event.

“Mapping Your Neighborhood”

Sandia Slaby announced that the North Eastside Neighborhood Association (NENA) is hosting a “Map Your Neighborhood” event at Roosevelt Elementary School on Wednesday, March 13th, 6:30-8:00 pm.

The event will be a review of the video called “Mapping Your Neighborhood,” which the county provides to anyone who wants to be a “block captain” or “trainer.”  This person’s role is to facilitate a small population (their own city block of households – a maximum of 1015 households) getting together at the “captain’s” home to watch the same video. This helps the block residents get familiar with their neighbors, and get organized and prepared to work more effectively together for increased health and safety reasons in the event of a disaster.  This is when our regular emergency responders (fire, medical & police) are overwhelmed by the numbers in need of help, when our neighbors may either need or be the best source of help available more quickly. For more information about these events email Sandia at [email protected] or call her at (360) 866-4561.

Presentations by Concerned Eastside Neighbors & the Medela Development Group

Representatives of the group Concerned Eastside Neighbors (Joe Hanna & Teresa __?) and LaRay Armstrong of the Medela Development group gave extensive presentations, including an update about the current and historical facts regarding these 9+ acres of property (including 2-4 residences). The area is bordered on the north side by the Forest Grove Cemetery, on the the east side by Chambers Street, and on the south side by the freeway. The Medela group has applied to the county for a rezone for greater density.

The Medela group said they had not been able to sell their property and were advised that there would be more interest if the zoning was for greater density housing.  The Concerned Eastside Neighbors group, a group of about 7 neighbors near the property, appealed the county’s decision to accept the re-zone application.  The group claimed the city had been in err with the decision. The appeal was denied and the rezone for greater density in that area has been passed. It will go into effect once the County Commissioner’s formally adopt the rezone sometime this year, no later than December 31.

For more info from the neighbors’ perspective, email them at [email protected].  The group intends to stay organized and hopefully grow and to be prepared to challenge any actual development that begins to take form when and if the property sells. From their research, they believe they have solid ground upon which to challenge many development projects that would be proposed for a more densely-zoned property.

The CEN group is very interested in more people getting on board now, in order to be better prepared for what seems now like inevitable happenings in the future.  They believe that any major development will affect our neighborhood significantly.

The Medela development group is a small family of siblings who are in or near retirement.  “We want to sell the property… we grew up there… but I  [the one resident landlord] can no longer maintain the land or dwellings that are part of the property…  and we are all three [sisters & brothers] older & want to retire and move on with our lives.”

The meeting came to a close at 8:50 pm.

March 2013 Board Meeting

Luke & Whitney Bowerman’s House, 1515 10th Ave SE, Olympia
Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 6:30PM until 7:30PM

Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association. A full agenda will be forth-coming closer to that date. Please send Luke Bowerman, ENA President, any items you have that you would like to discuss.

January 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2013
Meeting Started at 6:15 at the Knox Facility.


Nancy Thompson, Board Member and President
Brad Archbold, Board Member
Andrew Beattie, Board Member

Neighborhood members

Representatives of the Concerned Citizens with the Medela Development
Mike Carney
Whitney and Luke Bowerman

Board Members

We need Board Members, hopefully at least 6 new or renewing members. We can seek board members at the February Annual meeting.

February Annual Meeting

The February Annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 20th, at the Knox Facility at 7:00 PM in the Boardroom. The room is reserved for that date and time.

A Newsletter will be distributed in advance of the meeting as notification of the Annual meeting. Ruth Middlebrook will provide the distribution of the newsletter. She needs the printed copies by February1, 2013. All articles need to be to Nancy Thompson no later than January 25th at: [email protected].

Officer Positions

All the Officer positions will be vacant.
Jennie Fleming does not want to continue as Treasurer.
Nancy Thompson does not want a second term as President.
No other Officer positions are currently filled.

Other Business

Joe Hannah, a representative of neighbors who are concerned about the Medela Development, asked to present their concerns with the project and discuss impacts to the Eastside Neighborhood at the Annual meeting. They will provide Nancy Thompson an article for the newsletter. They will also invite a representative of the Medela Development.

Brad Archbold discussed grants available with the City of Olympia for trail connectivity. He asked about any trail that could be available for the grant money. We did mention the Fairview Pathway as a possible recipient. Brad will provide Nancy a paragraph for the upcoming newsletter about the City’s Grants.

Meeting came to a close.