ENA Board Meeting

February 14, 2023, 7-8:30 PM

1613 Union Ave SE

Present: Sherry Chilcutt (President/Treasurer), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Jim Rioux, Cheryl Bayle, Abigail Twombly, Karen Clemens


1) Approval of the minutes

January 10, 2023 minutes were approved with Roger’s and Cheryl’s changes. Jim will ask Dan to replace the draft minutes posted on the ENA website with a final version.

2) Treasurer Report

Checking $603.89

Savings   $963.76

Neighborhood Signs $1307.55

Legion Way Trees $153.50

Community Beautification $410.25

Total $3438.95

3) Address List

The address list is complete with the addition of Cheryl’s areas 7 & 10.

4) ENA Event Calendar Sub-group

Cheryl and Abigail distributed copies of a draft 2023 event calendar and explained the concept is to spread more community events throughout the year to avoid conflicting with November and December holidays. The Board discussed several possible events including:

  • Emergency preparedness educational event in March. Jim R. will ask Nathan about holding this event at the Swantown Inn. Karen mentioned Sherry Niven is the Thurston County Emergency Management coordinator.
  • ENA day at Left Bank in April, to talk to neighbors, hand out newsletters, business cards and so forth. Sherry’s friend Mary suggested holding the event midweek from about 4:30 to 5:45 because the crowds have usually cleared out by this time. After discussion, a start time of 2 to 2:30 was suggested. Abigail and Jim R. volunteered to contact Left Bank. The Swantown Inn is a possible alternative location.
  • Family dinner night at Big Toms in June. Sherry is willing to take on this event.
  • Block Parties, possibly on July 8.
  • Annual picnic on August 5.
  • Music on the porch in August.
  • Garden-related educational event in September, such as how to winterize your garden.
  • Halloween family event in October, with cider pressing and pumpkin carving,possibly in conjunction with New Bridge. It was suggested we could ask the City for a grant to buy 50 pumpkins and accessories.
  • Annual meeting in November.
  • Favorite house and yard decorations contest in December with electronic voting.

It was suggested we consider moving the Talent Show to May. Cheryl will ask Roger.

All dates are tentative subject to further discussion. When dates are agreed upon Cheryl will update the calendar for posting on the ENA website.

We may also want to make up a poster.

5) RNA Grant ideas

Applications are due March 27.

Jim S. will look into purchasing a cider press and crusher.

6) Gas barbecue

We may want to request funding from the City.

7) CNA Report

Karen talked about the CNA publishing Neighborhood news in the “Jolt.” Other happenings as described by Tim Smith, included:

  • The Triangle subarea plan.
  • Neighborhood Centers: on hold due to retirement of the principal planner.
  • Comp Plan update due in 2025: “Community Visioning” is coming up.
  • 26 affordable housing units proposed on Pacific Ave.
  • Phase II of Merritt Manor low income housing project (formerly Bailey’s Motor Inn).
  • A Walker John multi-use building under construction on Legion.

8) Sign Readability – How can we make it better?

  • Karen talked about Wildwood signs.
  • Abigail may be able to help. She will do a work-up and send it out for review.
  • We could make up a template for the annual meeting and other recurring events, so all we need to change is the date.
  • The sandwich signs don’t necessarily need to include our website.
  • We’ll continue to look at ideas.

9) CNA Presentation on subarea planning

Jim S. discussed ENA Subarea planning at the February 13 CNA meeting, how we went about it, the Core Team, City staff support and review process. Roger couldn’t be present but provided his comments in writing.

Other items: 

Armory sign committee

Jim S. mentioned the first virtual meeting of the Armory sign committee was held on February 9. Two more meetings are planned. He will email designs for the Board to review as they become available.