Facilitated by ENA Board Member Nathan Allan
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Meeting started at 6:30 pm at the Swantown Inn


  • Board Members Present:  Sandia Slaby, Nathan Allan, Katy Beattie, Whitney Bowerman, Pat Bayle, Whitney Bowerman, Jim Longley, Kara Randall, Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold, and Mitch Dennis
  • Board Members Absent: Sherry Chilcutt

Board leadership/process/roles and responsibilities:

  • Vice President should step up when President can’t do something
  • Discussion about restructuring so that president doesn’t burn out
  • Some of the other neighbourhood associations share responsibilities between president, Vice President and occasionally a past president
  • We need to have a presence at CNA meetings. A suggestion of a sub committee of five or so people that could be on call to go to meetings such as CNA, if the designated board member could not.

Call for a Special Meeting

Sandia has concerns, as Secretary, with the Board’s decision making and lack of running the procedural part of the meeting according to Robert’s Rules, per section 9.5 of ENA Bylaws. She has concerns about the process tied with Robert’s Rules and relations within the board. There is a call for a special meeting about this later this month. The meeting will be April 23rd, the board meeting will be extended to 90 minutes to ensure all topics are covered. It is suggested we reading the ENA Bylaws before the next meeting to serve as background knowledge.

Officer Elections

  • Officer elections: available positions are President, Vice President, Secretary
  • Nathan volunteered for president if someone can share the burden
  • Katy volunteered for role of secretary
  • Brian volunteered to be Vice President and share load and would have no problem going to CNA meetings or taking on role such as leading the picnic
  • Brian nominates Nathan as president for ENA, Pat seconds it, board approves
  • Nathan nominates Brian as Vice President, Whitney seconds, board approves
  • Sandia nominates Sherri (absent) as treasurer, Nathan seconds, board approves
  • Sandia nominates Katy as secretary, Jim seconds, board approves

Wireless Sub Committee Update

  • AT&T is looking to put tower by Elks Lodge or attach to Eastside water tower; there is no formal proposal. ATT continues to reach out to contractors.
  • There has been no request for a formal response from ENA.
  • T-mobile and Sprint already have wireless hubs on the eastside water tower.
  • ATT has been blown away by the community organization. Pulled out of idea to place near Roosevelt because of community response.
  • Does the city have a role? ATT wants to amend the OMC to make the tower implementation process easier.
  • Board members thank Kara and Mitch for reporting and committing to keep attending these meeting and keeping board updated

CNA Meeting Report:

  • Nathan and Whitney attended march meeting, which occurs the second Monday of every month
  • Julie Hankins is City Council liaison to CNA
  • Around 25 people attended; around 10 neighbourhood associations attended
  • Next CNA mtg is a joint planning mtg.
  • General Membership Meeting Planning
  • General membership meeting in May for Q2, last year at New Bridge Community Church…this year? Brian offers to look into this years location. Last year, 29 people signed in but 50 or 60 came to meeting. Other options are: Methodist Church, Rivers of Grace.
  • Could we invite a council person? Have guests/topics/agenda set at the next Board Meeting.

ENA Communication

  • Newsletter issues were discussed: Frequent newsletters are somewhat of a burden for deliverers.
  • Using website and signs multiple times a year was discussed as an option.
  • One proposal: Each board member has a sign and puts one or two out where they live
  • We would need to purchase more signs. We will vote on this at the next meeting.
  • Whitney would like to work on communication and outreach. Diversifying involvement of community.

Possible ENA revenue items

  • Thrift-E card from Ralph’s/Bayview Thriftway will donate 1% to neighborhood
  • Amazon.com’s Amazon Smile program is another option for generating revenue

Other Topics Covered:

  • Meeting calendar dates were discussed. Active Madison parents may not be able to come because PTO mtgs are on Wednesdays.
  • Nathan will talk with Sandia about archiving Community Garden documents
  • Nathan will talk about sidewalks next time
  • Thurston Food Bank Project: Whitney will talk about next time
  • Thurston Together substance abuse conference on April 30th at Great Wolf Lodge

Treasurers report:

We received an extra $60 in membership dues in the mail, because of the new sliding scale option. 3 people were happy to weigh in at the $30 level of membership. Also, we received about $38 through online.
Next Meeting: April 23, 2014, 6:00 pm at Swantown Inn


Next Meeting: April 23, 2014, 6:00 pm at Swantown Inn