Wood-chipping event

The ENA has arranged for a City of Olympia chipper and a two-person crew to
come to the neighborhood for two hours of free wood chipping. This year, there are two chipping events scheduled.

The first was on May 13. The second event is in the Southeast part of the neighborhood at 14th and Lybarger, on June 3rd.
What CAN Be Chipped?

  • Limbs and branches up to 6” in diameter (longer is better)
  • Woody debris from shrubs and plants

What CAN NOT Be Chipped?

  • Vines like ivy and blackberry
  • Holly or thorny material
  • Juniper
  • Twisted branches like rhododendron
  • Limbs with wide forks
  • Dirt-covered branches
  • Lumber (we can’t risk damaging the machine with a nail)

If you have questions or would like to join in the event, please contact Jody Suhrbier, at 709-5234.

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May General Meeting

Thursday, May 11, 2006, at 7pm at The Light and Life Church (corner of 7th and Fairview).  Topics include neighborhood parks, entrance signs, and neighborhood wifi.

April Board Meeting

Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
Thursday, April 20, 2006
1316 Central St. SE

Tentative agenda

A. Welcome and Intros
-Action: Review and Approve March Minutes

B. Guest: Kraig Chalem, City of Olympia Community Planning & Development
(invited, but not yet committed).
-Central Street Short Plat Development
-11th Ave. Development
Guest: Jerome Parker, Citizens for Public Accountability (invited,
but not yet committed).
-Log Export Facility Development on Port of Olympia Property

C. Old Business
-Update (if any) on sale of old Madison School (Eddy)
-Neighborhood Entrance Sign Project
Signs (Nathan); Posts (Jim, Jody)
-Active Lifestyle Club Grant (Terry/Jody)
Next Steps
-General Meeting Preparation for May 11th (All)
(Newsletter to printer Apr. 20th, Ann Apr. 22nd)

D. New Business

E. Announcements and Adjourn