ENA Board Meeting

September 13, 2023, 7:00 PM

Swantown Inn, 1431 11th Avenue SE


Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Sweeney (CNA Representative), Abigail Twombly, Jim Rioux, Nathan Allan, Cheryl Bayle


1) Approval of the minutes

The August meeting minutes were approved with minor changes.

2) Treasurer Report

There is no treasurer’s report as the Treasurer was not present.

3) Annual Meeting

Roger reviewed the comments received via e-mail.

The board decided on the following date time and location for the Annual Meeting:

November 15,2023

7:00 PM

Swantown Inn, 1431 11th Avenue SE

Nathan suggested an update about the Plum Street Village as a potential agenda item.

Nathan has learned that the City has put out an RFP for new management of the facility. John Brown from LIHI does not think LIHI will get the contract.

Nathan outlined some key changes to the village management that should be of concern to the Board.

  • Alcohol will be permitted.
  • Staff support will be reduced.
  • Meals will no longer be provided.
  • Residents will be allowed to have guests.

Nathan thinks there should be a call to action. The village is very well managed at this time, and he is concerned that there will be detrimental impacts to the community.  Others agreed.

The board considered including this as an agenda item for the annual meeting. Several Board members expressed concerns about having something that is likely to be negative as part of the meeting.

Jim R. expressed concern about having City staff simply recite their talking points then possibly feel attacked if the discussion turned negative.

The board thought it might be best to invite City staff to our October Board meeting then provide a report out at the Annual Meeting.

Jim R. will contact Darian Lightfoot to see if someone from the homeless program can attend the October meeting.

The Board discussed how to showcase the events we have held in the past. Abigail thought that she could pull together a slideshow if people could provide her with pictures. Jim Sweeney agreed to moderate/narrate the slideshow during the meeting.

Roger thought we should spend some time talking about upcoming events and advocated for re-starting the caroling event. Roger agreed to lead the discussion of upcoming events at the Annual Meeting.

Nathan agreed to lead the discussion of the Plum Street Village changes.

Jim R. offered to put together a draft agenda for the Board to review.

4) Fall Festival

Sherry decided to get the press offered by Tim Smyth.

Jim Sweeney mentioned that it may need cleaning once we take possession.

The board reviewed volunteer needs and discussed event logistics.

Abigail agreed to get the sign board inserts and everyone agree that we should advertise soon.

Nathan suggested that we reach out to youth groups like the Boy Scouts for volunteers.

Note: On Friday 9/15 Jim Sweeney decided to cancel the festival feeling that we needed more time to prepare and ensure that we held a great event.

5) Eastside Talent Show

Roger reminded the board that it will be held at the Swantown Inn on Saturday October 14 from 3-5 pm.

He has 6 confirmed performers, and he is waiting to hear from seven other. He feels confident that we will have ten performers.

The board discussed advertising. Nathan and Roger will look at the banner that was used in the past to see if it can easily be modified for reuse.

6) CNA Report

  • The CNA is asking for articles and pictures of events that RNA’s have held. The intent is to share them with City Council.
  • The South Capitol Neighborhood is putting up a speed board. If someone is caught speeding the City sends them a letter.  Many RNAs are reporting speeding issues.
  • The Northeast Neighborhood bought an apple press years ago. They let members use it and it was returned in pieces.
  • The City continues to pursue a rental registry.
  • Council operated for years under an assumption that code prevented speakers at council from discussing an issue that was scheduled for a decision 45 days before and after that item was scheduled for a decision. They have concluded that there is no such prohibition and will stop the practice.
  • The City will move forward with a study of City sidewalk conditions. They have $100,000 to complete the study.

7) December Holiday Events

Roger discussed the events that we have held in the past, caroling and a winter walkabout to judge decorations. He felt the caroling was a great event and we should consider restarting. The walkabout was ok but did not really bring people together.

Cheryl and Abigail reminded the board that we intentionally agreed to not hold a December event because everyone is very busy at that time of year.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.