Annual Meeting-Open to the Public

November 15, 7:00 p.m. at the Swantown Inn Please join us as we look back on past accomplishments and events and plan for the upcoming year. There will be a slideshow highlighting what your Eastside Neighborhood Association has been part of in the past and a call for ideas from the neighborhood for future projects. Olympia Homeless Coordinator, Kim Kondrat, will be a guest speaker.
…plus Refreshments

Let your voice be heard.

Picnic time! August 12th, from 4-7 p.m.

This year’s picnic is at Lion’s Park, Aug 12, from 4-7 p.m.

The Annual Summer Picnic has been held at Lion’s Park by the ENA for as long as any current board members can remember (so at least 20+ years, if you can confirm earlier please let us know!). It is sometimes a small affair, and other years larger with organized activities (We apply for Neighborhood Block Grants but do not always receive them).  It always includes a main dish (burgers or hotdogs) provided by the ENA, with neighbors bringing side dishes and desserts. Various local businesses, such as Eastside Big Tom’sRalphs Thriftway and the Eastside Olympia Food Co-op usually donate items as well.

If you are interested in supporting the neighborhood in this event, here are things we need;

VOLUNTEERS: help is needed both ahead of the date and at the event. We’re especially looking for cooks! Ideally, we have two people at any one time prepping, cooking and serving.

FOOD!: Bring a dish or some chips or whatever you can contribute. 🙂

Contact us if you’re interested in any of these opportunities!

June 14, 2023 Meeting Minutes

ENA Board Meeting

June 14, 2023, 7:00 PM

Swantown Inn, 1431 11th Avenue SE

Present: Sherry Chilcutt (President/Treasurer), Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Clemens (CNA Representative), Nathan Allen, Abigail Twombly, Cheryl Bayle, Jim Rioux

Guest: Valerie Roberts, Armory Building Manager


1)         Armory Update

Valerie Roberts discussed the City’s progress developing the Armory into a Creative Campus. In her first two months as the building manager she is overseeing upgrades necessary to open the facility for public use. Valerie gave a PowerPoint presentation with a general overview of the project.

Nathan attended a “Partner Workshop” on April 13. The ENA will be invited to upcoming community meetings.

2)         Approval of minutes

            The May 10 minutes were approved with revisions courtesy of Roger & Karen.

3)         Treasurer Report

Checking $571.57

Savings $964.03

Neighborhood Signs $1307.87

Trees $153.58

Neighborhood Beautification $410.40

Total $3,407.45

4)         Block Party Planning

Four block parties have been confirmed so far. Sherry will forward flyers to post on sandwich board signs, hand out door-to-door, and post it on Nextdoor. We will encourage the CNA to apply for a grant to support block party supplies, similar to Tumwater’s ‘Neighborhood Party Kits.’

5)         June Event Advertising

The Board agreed to try and host events at local businesses such as Beerwerks every other month. Abigail will let us know the next available date and time.

We also discussed hosting a morning coffee and tea at the Swantown Inn, and a “Donut Crawl” at local coffee and pastry businesses, possibly on Saturday morning July 29.

6)         August Picnic planning

The Lions Park shelter will likely be available. The sprayground should be open by that time.

7)         RNA Grant

The Board discussed what we will need to buy and various ways to raise funds. It was suggested we use ‘Neighborhood Beautification’ funds.

Jim Rioux has purchased a BBQ. Sherry reminded us to track volunteer hours which are credited at a $37/hour rate.

8)         CNA Report

Neighborhoods reported holding many neighborhood garage Sales.

One member brought up ‘sidewalk sucker.’ (similar to Dupont etc.)

It was reported Lacey & Tumwater repair all their sidewalks.

There was no Council member present, but Tim Smith reported on many new projects the City is working on.

9)         Utility Commission Report

The Commission is discussed a proposal to give a 50% discount on water hookup fees for 100% low income units.

10)       Talent show

Roger reported on his progress on the fall talent show at the Armory. Valerie commented Parks is considering buying a stage for the drill floor. Roger said he will ask for donations at the event.

11)       Problem houses in the neighborhood (Fir and 9th) Code Enforcement?

The Board discussed the status of OPD’s neighborhood patrol and the best way to deal with problem properties and other problems.

12)       Excessive speeds on Fir

Sherry reported people walking on Fir have complained about speeding cars, especially near the Fir and 10th intersection. It was suggested we will want to talk about problems in the neighborhoods at block parties. We will ask a someone representing OPD to attend.

13)       Other items

Board members discussed ways to get information about meetings and events out, particularly through the ENA website. It was agreed we will set up a one- to two-hour training session to brainstorm some basic website upgrades. Jim S. and Nathan will coordinate setting up a time and place.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Lion’s Park Tree Planting

The Eastside Neighborhood Association is worked with City Parks Department to replace two trees in Lions Park.  These trees they replaced were dead or diseased and removed by park staff. Through ENA efforts a planting party was held, Saturday 26th February 2022. This effort helps us maintain the beauty of Lions Park and our neighborhood.

From one of the volunteers, “There was a very successful project to plant two trees at Lion’s Park this morning. I think the attached picture shows most if not all the volunteers. Also, some good discussion on how to build on this effort, e.g., planting oak trees on Legion Way all the way to Edison.” 

Lions Park Tree Planting Volunteers
Lion’s Park Tree Planting Volunteers

No matter your abilities, knowledge or age, there are opportunities often to get involved within our neighborhood and help build community. If you know of a project, effort or need, feel free to reach out the ENA to get support.

Candlelight Services

Join New Bridge Community Church for one of three Candlelight Services (December 23rd, 6pm; December 24th, 4pm and 6pm). They will be singing some of the carols so many of us love that bring hope to our lives and we’ll end the evening with a traditional candle lighting. They love being a part of the Eastside neighborhood and hope that you’ll come celebrate with them. *We are following CDC guidelines for indoor gatherings. 

New Bridge Candlelight Service